Toyota Celica GT Liftback 1977

Toyota Celica GT Liftback 1977

Up For Sale Toyota Celica GT Liftback 1977

Found this one immaculate example of the Japanese Mustang being offered for sale in Craigslist looking for $12500 located in Minnesota. As shown here is Toyota Celica GT Liftback released in 1977 it's a final model of the first generation Celica were designed and sold for the North America market during the muscle-car hegemony era and also intend steal the hearts of the Shelby Mustang enthusiasts who do not have enough budget to buy the original.

But unlike most of a good imitation stuff, the Celica has a lot of good reputations by itself such as in motorsports world especially in many rallying competitions around the world. The engine base is greats has good durability, very reliable, fast but good saver on gas than Mustang, but not change anything, Mustang is Mustang it's about a different segment.

Details by owner
1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

48,200 orginal miles (not 148,200)
Silver GT Liftback 5 speed I am the 2nd owner


-80's Celica/Supra refinished alloy wheels (two-tone paint and pinstriped)
-New Yokohama Avid tires
-Two-tone reupholstered front seats
-New headliner
-Weber 32/36 high-performance carb
-2" exhaust and high-flow muffler
-Various new ignition parts (plugs, wires, points)
-New brakes F/R
-New fuel pump
-New shift boot
-All fluids recently changed
-New belts, hoses, etc

Many spare parts (trim, gaskets, new OEM rear window louvers which have not been installed) and original steel wheels/tires, original Asain carb, new graphics.

Seats and headliner were professionally re-upholstered.

I am the 2nd owner of this vehicle. It has a few tasteful upgrades and other than the seats, can be made back to completely OEM. The sheet metal and under-body are 99% rust-free.

No leaks!

Located in Minnesota

Interested please visit link below

Perfect To Restored, 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Perfect To Restored, 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT for sale

Found this one being offered in Craigslist looking for $7500 located in California. Very good object to restored, this an Italian classic car built in 1977 by Alfa Romeo well-known as the Alfetta GT, is a complete car, running and driving reported. The car look potential and promising, not so much rotten seen from here, seems not so widely to restoration.

This 1977 Alfa Romeo GT fair condition come in red body frame but the original is blue, not perfect but it has a good shape with light rust issue. The owner claimed is a GTV model but the badge shown just GT that was understandable, he was not an Alfa Romeo enthusiast so not very familiar with these car, so intends to sell.

1977 Alfa Romeo GTV Interior

This a few works needed to be great again, the audio system very clearly in need, dashpad must replaced and reupholstery could be good especially for its both front seats. Overall it's a good base to renovated, no rotted shown here.

1977 Alfa Romeo GTV Engine

As you've seen here is a 2.0 litre inline 4 engine non turbo backed by manual transmission is said runs well and shifts well, no issue but for sure must come to a closer inspection for accurately calculate. Could be great it's a perfect base to rebuilt.

Vintage Italian Classic, 1977 Fiat 128 3P

Vintage Italian Classic, 1977 Fiat 128 3P

Rare Vintage Italian Classic, 1977 Fiat 128 3P for sale

Found one vintage Italian classic car being offered for sale in Tacoma, Washington, is a rare car especially in US. As shown here is 1977 Fiat 128 3P fairly cool red 3-door hatchback styled. Reportedly only 84K miles on it and has been restored, the engine bay look awesome so clean and tidy. All looks greats but is not perfect some has rust but mostly is original except the interior fitted BMW 320 seats. This could be one nice example of the Fiat 128 ever seen here at, find this car in Craigslist for $7500.

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Limited Production, 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage

Limited Production, 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage

Limited Production, 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage For Sale

Here's found a unique muscle car was listed in Craigslist looking for a new home. As shown here is a top of the rare Chevy Monza range known as the Mirage, was released in 1977. The Chevy Monza was offered by Chevrolet comes from a limited production line for 1975-1980 model years, based on the Chevy Vega.

This could be a remarkable example of 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage were recognizable by white paint, with red and blue racing stripes along the length of the car. It also features flared body panels, and a special airdam and spoiler. The sheet metal looks straight with no dents or rust.

1977 Chevy Monza Mirage Interior

No words about genuineness, but it’s a correctly color scheme of the original interior. The appearance looks good, materials all look nice and clean. The seats, a steering wheel, a gear lever has a good shape and the dash appears to be free of cracks. Hoped all features, instruments and panels still in work properly too.

1977 Chevy Monza Mirage engine

The engine compartment looks tidy with clean surfaces and organized wiring, was filled by a new 406 cui motor with a custom V8 intake scoop. Despite no details provide by seller it's looks promising, more bigger and more powerful than the original engine.

The car was listed in Craigslist about 25 days ago still online when we write here, asking $12500 located in Lake County, Illinois. As always a closer inspection needed order to accurately condition.