1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

Completely Restored, 1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

Found this one nice antique British car being offered for sale in Lyndeborough, New Hampshire. As you've seen here is 1958 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster has been completely restored and comes with attractive color. The car was already posted on Craigslist about 7 days ago looking for $35000. It has been repainted, with chrome, canvas, and wood material but still retains its original engine, frame, and chassis.

The engine looks clean with nice head chrome, the interior decent condition, leather seems to have a good shape including its carpet. Overall it could be one nice restoration outcome if the Morgan Plus 4 Roadster, was coming from the right hands. It's worth considering.

1958 DAF YA 126 Dutch Military Transport Vehicle

1958 DAF YA 126 Dutch Military Transport Vehicle

Rare, 1958 DAF YA 126 Dutch Military Transport Vehicle

This classic Dutch Military Transport Vehicle very rare in US, that was made by DAF. As shown here is a military light utility vehicle DAF YA 126 1 ton truck built in 1958 featuring 4WD fitted differential for each wheel, it has powered by Hercules JXC six cylinder gas engine. This has a greats potential as off-road toy and has similar size by Humvee.

The truck looks tough, seems looks has a good shape overall and no issue was mentioned ready to go, if you interested it was posted 5 days ago in Craigslist looking for $9800 or trade located in Rancho Cucamonga.

Nice Project, 1958 Nash Rambler

Nice Project, 1958 Nash Rambler

Nice Project, 1958 Nash Rambler For Sale

When the economic recession hit on US in 1958, AMC want to make economical automobiles, they saw an opportunity to revive the small car Nash Rambler with the old Nash design was slightly modified, they launched first generation of the Rambler American.

Here's we found one of them, 1958 Nash Rambler American is said not running need of restoration. Unfortunately no interior and engine bay photos included, also very less detail provided by owner, so must see for seriously buyers.

1958 Nash Rambler

As you've seen here it has a good shape looks has a lot of restoration potential, and though that remains to be seen and asked, but it certainly looks compelling as seen here. Now it was offered in Craigslist for $2500 located in Florence, Alabama.

Completely Restored, 1958 Austin A35 2-door Saloon

Completely Restored, 1958 Austin A35

Completely Restored, 1958 Austin A35 2-door Saloon

Found this one antique British small car that had been completely restored, is a rare car in the US and not often seen at any car shows, it's an Austin A-series that was posted on Craigslist for $9900 located in Warner Robins, Georgia. As shown here is A35 model fairly nice as a 2-door saloon body was produced in 1958, it carries a 948cc inline-four engine backed by manual transmission.

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The A35 was quite successful in 1950s saloon car racing until supplanted by the Farina A40, and some still appear in historic events in Europe.

1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

1958 Alfa Romeo Qiulietta Sprint

Italian Classic Car, 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Here's found this one beautiful classic car made by Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, named Giulietta is a small family car was is clothed in a fairly cool 2+2 coupe body known as the Sprint model, that's was designed by Franco Scaglione at Bertone.

As we've seen here it's an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint built in 1958 that has been extensively restored inside and out, needing over two years to get it done. Described as accident-free, zero rust is the original solid body frame, always stored inside and it has 32000 miles on it. Already offered on Craigslist about 17 days ago looking for $38,000 located in Sausalito, California.