Full Service Records, 1988 BMW M6

Full Service Records, 1988 BMW M6

Full Service Records, 1988 BMW M6 For Sale

This is one the best model of the BMW ever made, well-known as BMW M6 is a high-performance version of the 6 Series, designed by the motorsport division of BMW based on the E24 chassis. The M6 was produced in three generations on three resurrections with limited numbers.

As shown here is one example of the first generation M6 released on 1988 fairly cool a cinnabar red two-door coupe body. 29 years has been properly cared for with full service records and only 116k miles on it. It could be one cleanest M6 ever seen here at autorestorationice.com being offered for sale in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles looking for $59000.

Unfortunately the dash side not showed here but the interior still looks perfect, the lotus white full leather appears well-preserved as well as the carpet. Hope there are no cracks on the dash, and no minus on the headliner.

Not really sure if not seeing the engine bay, the seller not provide the photos so if you are one of the potential buyers please come to closer inspection will be appreciate.

1988 Toyota Celica GT4

1988 Toyota Celica GT4

1988 Toyota Celica GT4 for sale

Here's fourth generation Toyota Celica commonly known as The GT4 is one of the high performance cars come with 4WD drivetrain that was offered by Toyota start from 1985 to 1989. As shown here is 1988 model fairly nice white 2-door coupe has been driven about 152500 miles looking for a new owner. the Celica is the mainstay of Toyota cars to compete in the world rally championship, could be fun to have one.

Very rare in US, the appearance look clean and neat in photos seems has good shape overall. It could be a coolest example of Toyota Celica GT4 being offered in Craigslist today described excellent condition with a few sign of use. If seriously want to kept it, you should come to see directly for accurately condition.

Nice Classic Wagon, 1988 Volvo 740GLE Turbo

Nice Classic Wagon, 1988 Volvo 740GLE Turbo

Nice Classic Wagon, 1988 Volvo 740GLE Turbo for sale

Found one nice classic wagon being offered for sale in Atlanta, Georgia, it's a first generation of the Volvo 700 series generally known as the 740. As shown here is 1988 model fairly cool 5-door estate body with GLE trim level, powered by a slant straight-4 engine fitted a turbo mated with automatic transmission and reportedly only 157000 miles on it.

The appearance look promising and cool with lowered profile, the engine bay look clean and tidy as well as the interior but not represented by good angle photos. Hope there no cracked dash or torn seats. The car was listed in Craigslist for $4950.

1988 Flxible Metro

1988 Flxible Metro for sale

1988 Flxible Metro For Sale

Here's found this in Craigslist one competitor of the Rapid Transit Series city bus that was assembled and manufactured by the Flxible Corporation, released in 1988 very well-known as the Flxible Metro Bus. This 1988 Flxible Metro is said good, the interior was stripped seemed to be perfect as a motorhome conversion needs more detail please read more below.

Further described as being in good running condition, it reportedly has a new engine and new transmission as well all brake and suspension hardware since 2000. Found this one in Craigslist located in Riverside, California looking for $7500.

1988 Flxible Metro

Same as usual a transit bus it has a low floor specification, if you want turn into a motorhome, adjustments needed to free the limitations of the area impassable.

1988 Flxible Metro diesel engine

Fitted a new Cummins L-10 with low mile on it since 2000 with no problems reported able to running at 70 Mph of top speed.

1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

Pininfarina Styled, 1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

Classic Pininfarina Styled, 1988 Ferrari Mondial Cabriolet

This nice classic 2+2 rear mid-engined sports car that was styled by Pininfarina for Ferrari it's successor of Ferrari GT4, as we've shown here is a final model of the Ferrari Mondial released in 1988 well known as the Mondial 3.2 it fairly coolest on red cabriolet body and had powered by a 3.2 L V8 Engine mated with 5-speed manual transmission. Found this one in craigslist for $59500 located in South Delta, BC. All looks perfect and mostly original is said excellent condition recently full major service, has 38,600 miles on it.

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Compared with other models of Ferrari, the Mondial had a high roofline, easy to get entered thanks to a single long door either side and very comfortable with large interior space front and rear was friendly for your legs and is a perfect combination with excellent all-round visibility seemed is good for fun especially in summer.