Perfect To Restored, 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT

Perfect To Restored, 1977 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT for sale

Found this one being offered in Craigslist looking for $7500 located in California. Very good object to restored, this an Italian classic car built in 1977 by Alfa Romeo well-known as the Alfetta GT, is a complete car, running and driving reported. The car look potential and promising, not so much rotten seen from here, seems not so widely to restoration.

This 1977 Alfa Romeo GT fair condition come in red body frame but the original is blue, not perfect but it has a good shape with light rust issue. The owner claimed is a GTV model but the badge shown just GT that was understandable, he was not an Alfa Romeo enthusiast so not very familiar with these car, so intends to sell.

1977 Alfa Romeo GTV Interior

This a few works needed to be great again, the audio system very clearly in need, dashpad must replaced and reupholstery could be good especially for its both front seats. Overall it's a good base to renovated, no rotted shown here.

1977 Alfa Romeo GTV Engine

As you've seen here is a 2.0 litre inline 4 engine non turbo backed by manual transmission is said runs well and shifts well, no issue but for sure must come to a closer inspection for accurately calculate. Could be great it's a perfect base to rebuilt.

Original 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Original 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

Original 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta for sale

Here's found this one Italian vintage fastback coupe was listed in Craigslist for $9500 located in San Diego, California. As you've seen here is original 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta pristine condition come in brown only 93500 miles on it. For today is a rare car in US especially like this condition, the appearance looks promising. That could be a remarkable example of Alfa's Alfetta GT with European bumpers was offered in US today.

This the predecessor of GTV6 is early grand tourer series of Alfetta also called Sprint Veloce fairly handsome 2-door fastback coupe body produced in 1979. It was very popular due to its combination of a modest weight with powerful engines, selling over 400,000 units until the end of its production run included 13.715 units with gigantic bumpers front and rear was sold in US for the 1975 to 1979 model period.

1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

1958 Alfa Romeo Qiulietta Sprint

Italian Classic Car, 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Here's found this one beautiful classic car was made by Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, named Giulietta is a small family car were is clothed in a fairly cool 2+2 coupe body known as the Sprint model, that's was designed by Franco Scaglione at Bertone.

As we've seen here it's a Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint built in 1958 has been extensive restored inside and out, need over two years to get it done. Described as accident-free, zero rust is original solid body frame, always stored inside and it has 32000 miles on it. Already offered in Craigslist about 17 days ago looking for $38,000 located in Sausalito, California.

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 SportWagon

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 SportsWagon

2000 Alfa Romeo 156 SportWagon

Here's an Italian sport wagon produced by Alfa Romeo, it's a Alfa Romeo 156 built in 2000 almost 15 years old still in very good condition like a new car already in Craigslist about 2 months ago was looking for a new home. This Canadian car freshly import from Italy directly, very rare in North America, it a right hand drive car ready to go.

As we've seen the photos here, can described as free of rust and mechanically fit, it could be a seriously interesting car to consider. Come with attractive red color and able to pushes 190hp seems had very well maintenance also, anyway the car looks great and unique in here so may its worthy for $8500.

1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000

1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000

1972 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000

This a nice classic 2-seats roadster produced by the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo. As the picture is a Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000 model it second generation released in 1972 have been fully restored like new condition was offered in Craigslist about a month ago. It could be a seriously nicest sample of the Alfa Romeo Spider restoration outcome, asking for $24900 location in West Hollywood. Whether it is worth to take it home?

Only 75800 miles was recorded, from new or start from restoration done unmentioned, anyway, who really cares about these minor details when both the body and interior look showroom clean?

This a 2000 Spider Veloce US version in excellent condition. It a show car quality, work done by a former senior supervisor at the Alfa Milano factory. The exterior come with perfect shape and nicest red paint, interior so neat, unfortunately no engine photos to reference so we left it to you. As always you should come to get actual condition. More info and details please read below.