Nice Job Done, 1949 Chevy 3100 Truck

Nice Job Done, 1949 Chevy 3100 Truck

Nice Job Done, 1949 Chevy 3100 pickup truck for sale

Here's found this one nice job done by American Classic Customs in Azusa California. As you've seen here is 1949 Chevrolet 3100 1/2 ton pickup truck has been totally restored and upgrade, where is retains half of its original specification apart from bodywork, much of which has been modified to accommodate a modern Corvette engine including suspension.

The outcome so awesome very tidy and clean with attractive a bright red color make Ferraris not so special when side by side on the parking area.

Limited Production, 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage

Limited Production, 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage

Limited Production, 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage For Sale

Here's found a unique muscle car was listed in Craigslist looking for a new home. As shown here is a top of the rare Chevy Monza range known as the Mirage, was released in 1977. The Chevy Monza was offered by Chevrolet comes from a limited production line for 1975-1980 model years, based on the Chevy Vega.

This could be a remarkable example of 1977 Chevy Monza Mirage were recognizable by white paint, with red and blue racing stripes along the length of the car. It also features flared body panels, and a special airdam and spoiler. The sheet metal looks straight with no dents or rust.

1977 Chevy Monza Mirage Interior

No words about genuineness, but it’s a correctly color scheme of the original interior. The appearance looks good, materials all look nice and clean. The seats, a steering wheel, a gear lever has a good shape and the dash appears to be free of cracks. Hoped all features, instruments and panels still in work properly too.

1977 Chevy Monza Mirage engine

The engine compartment looks tidy with clean surfaces and organized wiring, was filled by a new 406 cui motor with a custom V8 intake scoop. Despite no details provide by seller it's looks promising, more bigger and more powerful than the original engine.

The car was listed in Craigslist about 25 days ago still online when we write here, asking $12500 located in Lake County, Illinois. As always a closer inspection needed order to accurately condition.

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus

1966 Chevy C60 School Bus For Sale

Here's we found this one in Craigslist a vintage American school bus that was made by Chevrolet, built in 1966 based on the C60 truck series. The owner says is runs and drives good backed by a 327 V8 engine with 5-speed manual transmission less then 90K miles on it, and has potential to rebuilt. Although is a small block engine, some people out there said a 327 Chevy has better performance than a 350.

The bus seemed have a changed his function into camper but is unfinished, need interior work to be done. This might be interesting to bring it on the RVing and Camping season.

Awesome 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

Awesome 1984 Chevrolet Corvette

Awesome 1984 Chevrolet Corvette For Sale

Found this one awesome Vette fairly nice white targa body was looking for a new owner. As shown here is early model of fourth generation (C4) Chevrolet Corvette released in 1984 unmolested condition all looks perfect like a new, it was driven about 79K miles. When we write here, the car was offered in Craigslist about 15 days ago with very less descriptions, you should ask to seller if need more detail about this Vette, asking $8000 located in Horn Lake, MS.

1974 Nova SS Hatchback

1974 Nova SS Hatchback

1974 Nova SS Hatchback For Sale in California

In muscle cars period, it was the smallest muscle car ever made at the era. Offered by Chevrolet that was called "Chevy Nova", as shown here is a high performance package well-known as Nova Super Sport or Nova SS built in 1974 seem has been totally motor rebuilt and still retaining its original look.

Over 2 months still online, find this one in Craigslist for $8500 located in Dana Point, California. Frame looks perfect and solid with a good shape, for me no need repainted is cool as patina look. According its owner said, the interior is original with a minus was shown at a driver seat and the carpet has new one. Overall this could be a perfect start as a base what ever you want. We hoped it has a good benefit by rebuilt outcome, moreover it will has a lot of fun if all instrument and panel still work properly as well.