Nice Restored, 1951 Mercury Woodie Station Wagon

1951 Mercury Woodie Station Wagon

Nice Restored, 1951 Mercury Woodie Station Wagon For Sale

Found this one nice old restoration outcome still in awesome condition. As shown here is American antique station wagon comes with wooden body were made by Mercury produced in 1951, all looks great for its age with only 85K miles on it. It could be a remarkable example of the Mercury Woody Wagon was offered in Craigslist, looking for $62500 or possible to trade, located in Tempe, Arizona.

If you are looking post-war car as a collection this could be perfect candidate to grab today. 1951 Mercury Wagon wears neat woody bodywork reportedly runs and drives excellent with very well maintained and always kept in the garage.

1951 Mercury Woodie Station Wagon Interior

From what we can see in the photos, interior is greats still with mostly original wood material was reported, very cleans and neat especially on the dash and all gauges function correctly. The seats are in good shape also the carpets and architectural wood dash fittings is always fun to see it.

1951 Mercury Engine

It starts and drives fine with its original flathead engine, no words about mechanical issue. This is a great example of a shooting engine bay of the post-war Mercury's. If you are interested should come to see directly for sure condition.

Export Model, 1970 Cougar XR7

Export Model, 1970 Couger XR7

Export Model, 1970 Cougar XR7 for sale

This American classic pony car made by Ford under Mercury brand. As shown here is final year of the first generation Cougar released in 1970, it was based upon the Ford Mustang and built for export model with very rare custom order from foreign country fitted with many featured which is different from the regular version.

Its whole life was spent outside of US, only shows 60337 km on it since new, and still with a good shape overall, now it already in Seattle and looking for a new owner. If you are interested please find at Craigslist for $48000.

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Original Mercury Cyclone 1969

Original Mercury Cyclone 1969

Up For Sale Original Mercury Cyclone 1969

This one of rare American muscle cars that was produced by Mercury, is a Cyclone Cobra Jet commonly known as the Cyclone CJ it's the top options for 1969 model year are fitted a 428 cu in (7,014 cc) can produce 335 hp (250 kW) backed by automatic transmission, only 3261 units ever made and this one of them.

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All looks perfect from here, this could be a remarkable sample of the Cyclone CJ with some minus such a scratches and has some feature and intrument not works properly. Overall it perfect start as a light restoration project, all original, frame looks solid with a good shape and old repainted, no rust or dent just few nicks and scratches as its owner said. The good thing whole of this is the engine, looks clean and hoped no has hidden issue.

Details by owner
An all original r code 428 cobra jet ram air with marti report, vin tag, and door tag. Never a rust hole from alabama. One repaint in correct color from the 80's and still looks great minus a few nicks and scratchs. Nice shine and very straight. Nice interior except roll in dashpad. Runs and drives
Nice options like buckets, console, power steering, power disc brakes and rare ac thats not working.

See short youtube video at
I have lots more photos too.

1 of 33 built out of 2175 by marti. This is a rare and exciting car in nice # 3 condition.

Need more info please here on Craigslist

Fully Restored Mercury Cyclone 1969

Fully Restored Mercury Cyclone 1969

Fully Restored Mercury Cyclone 1969

This a rare American muscle car was offered by Mercury, is a special version of the Mercury Cyclone, more aerodynamic come with a spoiler known as Spoiler II only 519 units ever built and only one production year in 1969 with two trim packages as options, the Cale Yarborough Special and the Dan Gurney Special and as we've see here is a Dan Gurney special has been fully restored.

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The Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II was very successful on the racing circuit: winning 8 Grand National races during the 1969 and 1970 NASCAR seasons - matching the total number of wins recorded by the 1970 Plymouth Superbird. Find it here on Ebay in Belleville, Michigan, United States for auction.

Awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

Awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

Awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon

Here's an American muscle wagon produced by Mercury, it's a family car based on the Ford Falcon platform with a slightly longer wheelbase and received better grade interior trim, yes it a first generation Mercury Comet Wagon 1963 model year, had shared a considerable number of body and mechanical parts with the short-lived Fairlane. It a rare muscle wagon today still in awesome original condition has been rebuilt engine ready to trade or get $11950.

No much detail by its owner, as the pictures seen here it has perfect and solid body frame, no dent, no rust all looks great with original paint. The interior looks great also, in remarkable condition for its ages, especially after going through the function as has to be so far. The engine correct has ben rebuilt hope had a good treatment and maintenance. Overall it awesome 1963 Mercury Comet Wagon, must see if you seriously.