Series 3 Land Rover Diesel RHD

Series 3 Land Rover Diesel RHD

Series 3 Land Rover Diesel RHD For Sale

Here found this one at Craigslist, nice classic off-road setup based on the British all-terrain vehicle that was looking for a new owner. As shown here is a 4x4 long wheelbase of the Series 3 Land Rover commonly known as Defender built in 1983 fitted a trailer was retired of the Royal Army service. Right hand drive truck powered by diesel paired with 4-speed manual transmission was imported from England directly.

The appearance look tease and is said good condition overall, but is not perfect still restoration needed of some parts, it has underneath rotten and few hole shown at body. The interior look fine, it was pretty good for avontur class. Despite the engine is not original specs it has been converted to non turbo diesel in England, however it still remains tough.

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1981 Land Rover Series III 109

1981 Land Rover Series III 109

This Light Military Utility Vehicle offered by Land Rover, as the picture is the Series III was released in 1981 it's a all-terrain vehicle come in long wheel base type known as the Land Rover Series III 109. If you interested about this car please read more detail below.

Detail by owner
Land Rover - diesel AND left hand drive AND ex-Dutch military. This one is all the cool things.

Did I mention that this is a small diesel? With the boys' and our cars though, we just have no more room in our driveway.

The Land Rover Series III is the tough looking safari truck that came before the Defender. The 109 is the long-bed. The whole top comes off of this ex-Dutch Military truck so you can drive it as a convertible in the summer. With the big sides, no windows, and all the looks you get while driving, this would also be a perfect truck to drive with your company's name on the side. Classic, tough, cool-looking truck with low miles; This one is unrestored, very complete, and very original. No windows have been cut into the top (although they certainly could be added). No seats have been added into the bed (although again, either jump seats or benches could be added). It is still the original NATO Green . You can't drive anywhere without getting waves, second looks, and thumbs up.

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1973 Land Rover Pick-up Truck

1973 Land Rover Pick-up Truck, Here we found the British classic truck on very clean condition ready for new owner. It's real car not just for show, have used as farm truck for about the past 9 years and has been maintained well.

It's about a 40 year old machine on good looking and working good as well, 1973 Land Rover Series III 109 Pickup a left-hand drive truck, ex-British military unit, with driver quality paint job on aluminum body, with several body panels having been replaced, all the electrics working, 12V truck run smoothly even on cold mornings, bad thinks is just have a small leak at the oil pan.