Electric Finnish Supercar Called Toroidion

Electric Finnish Supercar Called Toroidion 1MW

Here's awesome supercar has been made by the Finnish manufacturer Toroidion, it's a supercar concept named the 1MW comes with full-electric power has 1000 kW or equal to 1341 hp. The Toroidion 1MW will introduced at the 2015 Top Marques show in Monaco.

The founder Pasi Pennanen said, the Toroidion 1MW Concept, uses 4 electric motors which are driving directly each wheel. The front axle houses a pair of 200kW (268hp) motors and the rear each has 300 kW (402hp) .

The Toroidion company has been established since 2011 has confirm that their all-new electric powertrain is able to offer different levels of power for different applications while the batteries of the system are easily swappable “in the pit-lane as it is in the home garage”.

On the presentation, so elegant its has supercar fundamental design its built by hand crafting come with classic proportions and a little bit of retro in it, comes with gull-wing door, using high technology materials with craftsmanship of the highest quality.

This awesome electric supercar is fully road-legal and has been developed entirely in-house in Finland.

According to the company, it would be the world’s most powerful electric vehicle, feels comfortably in either a track or a public road.

“The new, innovative, ultimate performance electric powertrain is suitable for comfortable daily driving as well as for serious Le Mans racing, where safety and performance comes first” reads the short statement of the company.