Very Original, 1980 Chevrolet MONZA

Very Original, 1980 Chevrolet MONZA

Very Original, 1980 Chevrolet MONZA For Sale

Found this one unique American sport cars was posted in Craigslist for $4995 located in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. As shown here is the final year of its model build by Chevrolet in 1980 well-known as the Monza, today is near 38 old still in very original condition, very good shape with actual 39K miles, its looking for a new owner. Based on the Chevy Vega, the Monza was offered by Chevrolet as limited production.

This could be a remarkable example of 1980 Chevy Monza still runs and drives well today.

The appearance is greats for its age in and out. No words about issue, all looks greats for the 38 olds car, the original interior showing well by photos. All materials looks clean and free scar. The seats, a steering wheel, a gear lever has a good shape and the dash appears to be free of cracks. Hoped all features, instruments and panels still in work properly as well.

Unfortunately the engine bay wasn't presented by photos, so you should come to closer inspection to find how it looks of the 2.5-liter straight-four-cylinder engine as standard for this model.

Very Rare Muscle Car, 1977 Pontiac Can Am

Very Rare Muscle Car, 1977 Pontiac Can Am

Very Rare Muscle Car, 1977 Pontiac Can Am For Sale

Found this one being offered for sale by owner at Craigslist for $17500 about 2 days ago located in Scottsdale, Arizona. As shown here is one of the rarest American muscle car was offered by Pontiac only in 1977 well-known as The Can Am, that was based on Pontiac LeMans were created to be a special edition with a lot of power embedded into him.

This is the second example of its kind ever posted here, Pontiac Can Am they are a rare beast that has a Pontiac 6.6L 400 engine backed by a Turbo 400 transmission and very few of them can survive for 40 years like this one example. With 65600 miles on it, the body and interior all looks great for its age were present well by photos makes curious me to come closer inspection.

That could be absolutely awesome example of its model were still run today, is looking for a new home.

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1980 Nissan Patrol G60

1980 Nissan Patrol G60

1980 Nissan Patrol G60 For Sale

This is one of the Japanese all-terrain vehicles was coming from Nissan Motors flagship designed to compete with Toyota Land Cruiser for domestic and worldwide markets. As shown here is late of the second generation Nissan Patrol fairly cool a long wheelbase well-known as G60 series released in 1980 being offered for sale by owner at Craigslist for $24995 located in Los Angeles, California.

Interesting offer, is very rare vehicle especially in the US. The second generation Patrol was offered by Nissan to worldwide markets start from 60s to end of 70s, and US customers only from 1962 until 1969 the rest it very popular in Asutralia so believed it has a lot population on there today. But this not coming from Asutralia, it believed one JDM example was sold as the 1980 model year then exported to California since when? unrevealed.

At that time Nissan Motors tried to make the feel of toughness inside and out more viscous like a workhorse, not like modern Patrol where luxury is a necessity. Same as mostly all-terrain vehicles on that time, the interior appear not wrapped up in its entirety, looks spartan with a good shape of course.

However not all interior angles are represented by photo and hard to find imperfection from here, we believed all have been touched by renovation in totally such as a steering wheel and front seats are is newly parts, not original parts.

No words about rebuilt in totally, only reveal maintenance and few newly parts was install in to it. All Looks so clean and neat, not disturbing by cable clutter, the engine bay fully load by a 4.0 L P I6 (gas) engine were mated by 4-speed manual transmission with part-time four-wheel drive, make this Patrol quite promising, moreover the 65000 figure was shown at odometer.

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan

1923 Franklin 10B Sedan For Sale

This is very old car being offered for sale at Craigslist, is one example of the late production cars made by an American manufacturer Franklin Automobile Company. As shown here is 1923 Franklin 10B Sedan recently fresh out of 35 years storage.

Franklin was a luxury brand for its era, that was sold about 150,000 cars over the course of more than 30 years in existence. And this believed as one original example were still exist today. Interesting candidate as antique restoration project.

1981 Toyota Corolla SR5 Liftback

1981 Toyota Corolla SR5 Liftback

1981 Toyota Corolla SR5 Liftback For Sale

This an Japanese sport car was coming from Corolla lineage offered by Toyota in 80s, as shown here is 1981 Toyota Corolla SR5 Liftback being offered for sale by owner at Craigslist for $3500 located in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. The 36 year old car still in good condition overall, runs and drives well was looking for a new owner.

Present well on the photos, but is not one example that has been touched by restoration, it's about very well maintained daily driver car, very worth and potential candidate as a light restoration project.

No words about renovated, the interior looks good for its age with a few imperfections was showing here such as a tears in the driver seat, cracks in the dashboard but the rest was greats. Brown upholstery looks to be in nice shape along with the door panels, carpets, and rubber mats. No words about issue hope the original radio, air conditioning and all gauges still doing well.

Described as completely stock without modifications, it has been driven about 225000 miles with its original engine that was never been rebuilds since new. Bringing a 18L straight four cylinder engine mated an automatic transmission, which was recently received repair few parts.