1925 Dodge Brothers Truck

1925 Dodge Brothers Truck

1925 Dodge Brothers Truck

Here's we found this one 1925 Dodge Brothers Screenside Business truck, is a 3/4 ton truck. A really nice American old truck was produced by Dodge Brothers, claims is good condition come with original motor only 37K miles on it, frame is perfect with a few rust and dings. The truck already offered in Craigslist about 21 days ago, asking for $12000 or a Chavy Nova, location in Newark, Ohio.

As we've seen here it could be a remarkable sample of the old truck as its ages and condition, really nice wood elements. Not so clearly or mentioned about restoration or rebuilt, no engine photos in the ad, so you should come to see itself if seriously. Overall is really fun to kept it, especially for truck enthusiasm.

1925 Citroën Type B2 Torpedo

1925 Citroën Type B2 Torpedo for sale

Here's French vintage car, is the second model car was produced by Citroën also the second European car to have been constructed according to modern mass production technologies, It's a Citroën Type B2 Torpedo comes in 4 door open tourer with rare tailgate. Has been sleeping for the last 30 years. Now runs and drives.

Detail about this car
1925 Citroen B2 Torpedo, 4 door open tourer all in extremely solid condition. No rust or damage to the bodywork, very good interior. Tyres in good order, brakes are as good as they can be. Good strong engine , no smoke or nasty noises, clutch and gearbox works as it should. Hood not in best of condition.

Source by Ebay