1955 Studebaker E7 Old-school Truck

1955 Studebaker E7 Truck For Sale

Here's found this one was listed in Craigslist looking for new owner, a classic American lighter truck that was made by Studebaker in 1955, were is has been rebuild but not perfect still need some work to be done but it's already cools as a daily driver car.

According to the current owner, the truck's engine has been modernized using a fuel injected big block Chevy 454 paired with a Turbo 400 trans, and a deliberate patina look for old-school grandeur also looks more charming with wide wheels that are slightly lowered suspension.

This one E Series of Studebaker trucks build in 1955 known as E7 pickup truck still looks dashing today. The cost of parts and restoration of these vehicles are increasing daily (No need to think about it because the motor has been modernized). More looking coolest on the streets, they are not making any more and, therefore, they are becoming more rare by the day.

The interior has been rebuilt to, all looks clean in mate black color. Hope it's not just a decoration, all the instruments on the cab should be work properly, because of that's will make new owner very happy with. These rare and stylish pieces of Americana are not becoming any more common, or any less collectible.

Beautiful 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Beautiful 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Beautiful 1955 Mercedes-Benz 190SL for sale

Beautiful German classic roadster made by Mercedes-Benz, as shown here is Mercedes-Benz 190SL built in 1955 comes with a removable hardtop and soft top described as excellent condition example has been driven about 107000 miles looking for a new owner. No words about the mechanical issue, if you're interested should come for a closer inspection to find out its actual condition.

Detail by owner
Beautiful 190SL First year in Production # 234, New Soft Top, Very Sharp Car!!
Clear Title in hand - Inspections Welcome - Private Sale

Rare Patina, 1955 Ford F100 Truck

Rare Patina, 1955 Ford F100 Truck

Rare Patina, 1955 Ford F100 Truck For Sale

Here's a nice American old truck in patina style, found this one being offered for sale at Craigslist for $12500 located in Imperial, California. This is a second generation F-Series truck were build and sold by Ford from 1953 to 1956 designed to filled a light and medium-duty trucks segment, and as you've seen here is a lightest series known as the F100 model released in 1955.

The truck has been touched by a few modification, apart lowered its profile you can see on the tyre and wheels are used. Deeper, you can find some parts was upgraded and rebuilt to improve of the comfortability and reliability while driving.

The interior has been totally renovated all looks clean and neat, there is nothing excessive in it, all to maintain its original shape. Only seatbelt on the seats and accelerator pedal as a modern part was shown here, the rest mostly original. And the good thing is all gauges working properly reported.

No words about upgrade and mechanical issue, a V8 engine with huge air filter siting neatly on the bay. You should come if want to proved the toughness.

Race Car, 1955 Jaguar XKD

Race Car, 1955 Jaguar XKD

Race Car, 1955 Jaguar XKD For Sale

Found this one on Craigslist looking for $135000 located in Napa County, California, as shown here is a very nice collector item British vintage race car. This Jaguar XKD is a sports racing car based on the Jaguar D-Type produced by Jaguar Cars Ltd. between 1954 and 1957 this one of them is described as a 1955 model that comes with innovative monocoque construction and an aeronautical approach to aerodynamic efficiency inspired by the aviation industry influenced structure to competition car design for the period.

The unclear and minimal ad, the car doesn’t sound to be original, but as a Jaguar 2.4-litre 'Mark 1' item, it is correct. The interior and exterior look great like never been touched ready for trade or best offer.

1955 Jaguar XKD Interior1955 Jaguar XKD inside

All show well in the provided photos, the black interior, there is room for two completed with all instruments and indicators consisting of an odometer, tachometer, coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, shifts stick manual transmission, and rearview mirror in the middle.

1955 Jaguar XKD engine

Same to the C-Type a previous generation of the Jaguar race cars, the D-Type still with a straight-6 XK engine and the same many mechanical components as the basic. In 1955 the cars were modified with long-nose bodywork and engines uprated with larger valves. At Le Mans, they proved competitive with the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLRs, which had been expected to win.

Nice Restored, 1955 Austin Healey 100-4 BN1

Nice Restored, 1955 Austin Healey 100-4 BN1

Nice Restored, 1955 Austin Healey 100-4 BN1

Here found this one nicest of the British vintage roadsters, the Austin Healey 100 that was developed by Donald Healey based on the Austin A90 Atlantic mechanical and the bodies was made by Jensen Motors. As you've seen here is a Austin Healey 100-4 BN1 built in 1954 and released in 1955 has been totally restored, just offered at Craigslist for $65000 located in San Diego.

Seemed that's is perfect sample as a nicely restored outcome, interior and exterior has good shape hard to see imperfections here, unfortunately no engine bay photos to represented its motor condition. Need nothing to see it here, please enjoy.