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February 11, 2016

1951 Muntz Jet Project

Undergoing Restoration, 1951 Muntz Jet

Undergoing Restoration Project, 1951 Muntz Jet

Found this unique luxury sports car offered for sale by the owner on Craigslist. Made by a famous builder of Indy race cars, Frank Kurtis, and manufactured by Muntz in Chicago, well-known as the "Muntz Jet", the early model was released in 1951 as a 2-door coupe with the body extended to make it a 4-seater, powered by a big Cadillac V8 engine mated with a Hydramatic automatic transmission, only 6 seconds from 0 to 50 mph and 125 mph for top speed, making it crowned as the fastest performance car of its era.

Currently, it's considered one of the most worthy collectible handmade cars in the US. rare car with limited production numbers, at that time most were sold to a few wealthy buyers in Hollywood believed only 400 units were sold during 1951-1954, not long after, the Muntz company went bankrupt due to losses of about $1000 for every Muntz Jet sold. And this is Muntz Jet number 143.

It could be a perfect start to restore, the 1951 Muntz Jet number 143 offered as a project in runs and drives condition, that’s undergone quite a bit of work recently, including a rebuilt floor, reupholstered front bucket seats, and more. About 65% has been done, not so far to be great at least without talking about the engine issue. Need a body expert to continue work on the frame, such as removing a few dings that were shown here as well as repainting as a finishing touch, and a fiberglass removable top in need of attention to be finished. The original engine was swapped by the previous owner with a younger 1957 Lincoln 368 C.I. engine and was mated with its original G.M. Hydra Matic.