December 30, 2009

Awesome 1970 Toyota 2000GT

 Awesome 1970 Toyota 2000GT Publish

Awesome 1970 Toyota 2000GT

Here's found this one awesome Japanese supercar that was made by Yamaha for Toyota, as we've seen here a Toyota 2000GT released in 1970 has been restored, is the final production year, only 351 were ever made during 1967-1970, and this one of them.

Do you know about the most beautiful car ever made? Enzo said is Jaguar E-type.

And do you know about the coolest Bond car of all time? Daniel Craig voted the Toyota 2000GT as his favorite.

Yes both of them at first glance seem similar, I agree with Daniel Craig, but as Enzo said, hoped you know what that means.

The 2000GT is one icon of the Japanese automotive revolutioner, where the worlds recognize Japan as one qualified high-performance car manufacturers were is coming from outside of Europe, although a lot of scorn and viewed as a producer of imitative and stodgily practical vehicles in the period. Better is better, the gem will always be a gem no one can doubt or deceive unless they was blind.

As we've seen here is described as a remarkable example of the 2000GT in excellent condition, need nothing to see it. Today, the 2000GT is seen as the first seriously collectible Japanese car and its first supercar. One of the 2000GT has sold at auction for $1,200,000 and it will likely surpass and has more value in the future.

Build in 1970 has been extensive and detailed restoration inside and out, needs over six years to get it done, and is said was driven about 56,000 miles before the restoration started in 2003.

The 2000GT featured an aluminum body while power was provided by a 2.0-liter twin-cam straight-six sourced from the Toyota Crown but heavily modified by Yamaha, which drove the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission. Enjoy it...