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1967 Mercedes Benz O319

1967 Mercedes Benz O319

The O319 is a microbus made by Mercedes-Benz, available in a number of seating configurations, basically they came in 10, 17 and 18 seat versions and have each with a number of different specifications or options. They were produced from 1956 - 1967 reportedly only 961 units. Most original owners of these were Motels, Airlines or big business's.

Unfortunately very few survive these days, as many were brought by Motels and Airlines, they would have all been traded on the newer model in the late 60's/early 70's as they all wanted the latest model to keep up with each other.

So what happened to all of them, well the word is that the seats were taken out and they were just sold as plain vans or converted to campervans. Many of the European based examples rusted away and there are very few left today.

About this vehicle
1967 Mercedes Benz O319, the last generations from his series. The O319 custom seats difference from basic configurations from factory, he equipped with 15 seats, panorama windows and roof rack (similar like Samba Bus have). 4-cylinder diesel engine, 46 HP, top speed approx 50 mph, built in 1966.

Need of restoration cost from 3000 to 5000 euros and a lot of love, labor and parts costs.

Photo by M. Gloger, Source by www.autobild.de


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