January 26, 2014

The Coolest Custom Heb Rod of All Time

The coolest custom Heb Rod of all time

Exactly 65 years ago, Volkswagen released their first convertibles sport in 1949, base on beetle parts, such as chassis, engines, and body panels. On this convertibles, VW have 2 types from 2 designer, Hebmüller was to build the 2+2 cabriolet, and Karmann the four-seat cabriolet.

And this time just for the wonderful Roadster Beetle, 2+2 seater Cabriolet sport by Hebmüller, famous call or simply is The Heb.

On the pic, 1955 Volkswagen Hebmüller Cabriolet already get the full custom, I thinks this be the coolest custom VW of all time? and he deserved the title is "The world famous Heb Rod!"

The car was built in Canada a few years back and showed up at the VW Classic here in California and simply blew

Like a vision out of a dream of some sort... everything about it just looks "right".

And not only is it a gorgeous car top to bottom... it is a true driver... not a trailer queen.

The custom touches and the workmanship extends throughout the whole car. The smooth beautiful metalwork... it's all just amazing. This car captures the early days of Hot Rodding and blends it in with the rarest of the early VWs in the most amazing way.

This perfect... serious but classy.

The world famous Heb Rod built by Geoff Peterson, now you can have it, this car for sale.