February 22, 2014

1935 Amilcar Type G36 Roadster

1935 Amilcar Type G36 Roadster

Here very old French Roadster car produced by Amilcar. The Amilcar was a French automobile manufactured have short live start from 1921 then closed in 1940, but already make it many Amilcar models car, and this one of them.

Here you can see a French hot rod roadster with an Amilcar chassis originally built in 1935 the Type G36 Roadster, it was rebuilt in the style of Figoni et Falaschi in the latter part of the last century and as a result, it benefits from useful things like more modern hydraulic brakes and a far easier to maintain engine from a Talbot-Lago T-14LS. 4-speed transmission (sourced from a period Alfa Romeo) works flawlessly with the 4-cylinder engine and horsepower is an ample 120 at the rear wheels.

The car has covered less that 1000 miles since it underwent a full restoration, and making the drivetrain upgrade desirable for those who would prefer to drive the car rather than just display it.

This Roadster to be auctioned on next month March 8, 2014, please visit links below for detail