February 5, 2014

1968 Land Rover Series IIA 4x4

1968 Land Rover Series IIA 4x4

1968 Land Rover Series IIA 4x4

Do you know the history of 4x4 or we call four-wheel drive vehicle?
Some people already knows, the rest absolutely not.

Over a century ago in 1893, the Englishman Bramah Joseph Diplock patented the concept of a four-wheel drive vehicle but never been Realized.

Six year later in 1899 Ferdinand Porsche unveiled his "Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid". Do you know this is amazingly, this was both the first 4 × 4 vehicle and the first hybrid petrol / electric vehicle ever made ​​in the worlds.

1930s is the best 4 × 4 vehicle was born in American, yes the name is the Willys Jeep. Jeep is compact, simple, small but much power inside. He's the secret of victory of the U.S. forces in both Europe and the Pacific wars through some of the most inhospitable terrain ever attempted in a four-wheeled vehicle.

So what the connection between description above with 1968 Land Rover Series IIA 4x4.

Yes.., Inspired by the US Army's wartime 'Jeep', developed in haste and intended for short-term, small-scale production, the Land Rover would defy its creators' initial scepticism. Rover bosses the Wilks brothers saw the need for a tough, four-wheel-drive, utility vehicle to serve the needs of the agricultural community in the immediate post-war years, but the Land Rover's runaway success took the company by surprise. The necessity of using corrosion resistant aluminium panels at a time of severe steel shortage turned into a positive virtue in the Land Rover's sphere of operations, and the use of existing components - including the P3 saloon's 1,595cc, four-cylinder, sidevalve engine - kept production costs down and cut development time. Progressively developed since its launch in 1948 and modified to serve countless specialist requirements, the ubiquitous Land Rover looks set to continue well into the 21st Century.

This Series IIA Land Rover on the 88" wheelbase has the 2,286cc, 62bhp diesel engine option.

This vehicle for sale, has been SOLD at Bonhams auction