March 15, 2014

1964 Mercury Comet 404

1964 Mercury Comet 404

Found this one 1964 Mercury Comet 404 is a 4 Door American vintage luxury sedan for sale in Owego, NY. Original Gorgeous Solid Clean Condition, Raven Black with Beautiful Original Red Interior. Only has 63K Original Miles from new. Interested please read detail below.

Detail about this Car
1964 Mercury Comet 404
Major Head Turner!
63K Original Miles
Straight Six / Inline Six / 6 Cylinder / 200ci / 3.3L
Merc-O-Matic 2 Speed Automatic Transmission
Power Drum Brakes
Manual Steering

No Rust plus Undercoat (+ extra cans of spray undercoat)
Electronic Rust Control (needs installation)

L6/200 Six Cylinder Engine with Upgrades / Runs Perfect! / Just waive the key at it, in ANY kind of weather and she starts in a split second without hardly a crank... it's really amazing! Bullet Proof Slammin' Straight Six Slug Solid Rock Iron Engine with 7 Main Bearings / It's been proven to Rev up to 7000 Rpm without a hiccup / can leave as is or Max Performance Upgrade to run as powerful as any street or race V8 (See for photos, tech documents, custom upgrades, headers, fuel systems, ignition systems, exhaust... Everything Performance for the Ford Straight Six)

Crane Electronic Ignition Conversion, w/Accell Super Coil & Wires
New Distributor, Cap, Rotor
Rebuilt Carb w/chrome spring bracket with a whole pile/collection of Autolite 1100 & 1101 Carbs & Carb rebuild kits, parts, more...
Awesome Ultimate Cool Rare Offenhauser Tri-Carb Manifold complete with carbs and linkage (needs setup and installation)

Custom Hood Insulation
Original Super Duty Rebuilt Starter

New Custom Exhaust with Thrush Stainless Steel Glass Pack Muffler & Glass Pack Resonator and Very Cool custom resonated Exhaust Muffler Tip (needs exhaust manifold work/gasket, have special custom performance upgrade, center siamese port divider accessory to install as well, new manifold gasket/donuts, special gasket sealer, high-heat exhaust pain, special titanium exhaust pipe wrap for added sound enhancement and insulation, new exhaust manifold bolts. Also comes with extra Stainless Steel Glasspacks and Resonator Tip for Dual Exhaust setup if desired.

Strong Battery w/few miles (purchased Autumn of 2010, only 185 Miles on it til July of 2013)
Brand New Chrome 110 Amp Alternator (converted from Generator/Regulator system)
New Power Drum Brakes, Cylinders, Upgraded Dual Master Cylinder, Emergency Brake Cable
All New Moog Problem Solver Front End Steering, Stabilizer components
Manual Steering (all new Moog front end suspension, with steering components, stabilizer parts)
New Shocks Front & Rear (Monroe/Front, Rear)
New Cooper Weather Master Tires, (used 1 1/2 seasons, like new) Thin Whitewall (or flip for blackwall). 2nd Set of Classic Whitewall Tires in like new condition.

Huge Pile / Fanatical Collection of various style hubcaps, originals, Baby Moons, Trim Rings, various style Lug Nuts, center caps, valve stems, valve caps, grease cups, very cool wheel accessories... change up the look of your wheels just for Fun and Variety.

Accessory electric heaters, defrosters, antique, vintage and modern.
Many, many, Vintage Accessories, original Classic type and tons of Hot Rod items.
Spotlights (need minor restoration and Installation)
Vintage Hot Rod exterior mounted Tachometer (needs installation if desired)
Vintage 1951 Original Mile-O-Meter Vacuum Gauge (needs installation if desired)
Original Cigarette Lighter and Ash Tray never used!
New Dome Lamp Lens.
Dash Board is Gorgeous!
Perfect Headliner, refinished sun visors.
Tinted Windshield Anti-Glare Strip
Have Complete Tint and Tint Kit for All Glass/Windows.
New Windshield Washer pump, 18" Flex Windshield Wiper Blades.
Wide Angle Panoramic Rear View Mirror
Large Spacious Glove Box (clean)
Custom Cowl Cover, magnetic/removable (keeps junk, snow, etc. from clogging up cowl vents)
Have (for installation if desired) completer Electronic Fuel Delivery System with electronic pump, new filter, regulator, fuel pressure gauge, and all hardware, fittings, etc...
Have complete set of various sizes of new split wire looms.
All new Complete Cooling System parts, hoses, clamps, T-Stat, Water Pump, Temp/Gauge Sensor/Sending Unit. Excellent Original Radiator.
New Motor Mounts and Tranny Mounts
New Tranny pan gasket and Spare Modulator
New Rear End Drive Shaft Pinion Seal (needs installation)
Original Steering wheel is in perfect condition (Rare!) but also comes with custom wood steering
wheel (for install, and to preserve original, valuable steering wheel)
All Exterior/Interior Trim Complete & Original
Excellent Chrome, no dents on bumpers

All Exterior Seams perfect.
Have vintage chrome mud flap/guards for install.
Have sets of Stainless Steel Vent Shades (very expensive but need custom installation... great project)
Doors close Solid.
Excellent Weather Strip
Giant Trunk, tons of space, full sized spare, original bumper jack
All Light Lenses in Excellent condition, no cracks.
All Wiring Everywhere in Excellent condition.
Have spare blower fan motor.

Brand New Classic Car Style Modern Radio with Mp3 jack, pair of 6 Way speakers for rear deck
Heavy Duty Rear Seat Area protective dog sling / cover (so you can take your dogs with you without wrecking the upholstery)
All windows crank perfectly, front wing windows as well.
Excellent powerful ventilation system and have Vintage All Steel Accessory Dash Fan (powerful!)
Miscellaneous Collection of vintage parts, switches, flashlight, spotlight, fuzzy dice, and other vintage back-in-the-day oddities.
Have original Shop Manuals, Carb Manual, Brochures, Owners Manual, Accessory Brochure/book, and other original documents.
Have collection of original keys, vintage custom keys, gold plated keys, etc... original key fob.

This car comes with Tons of New Stuff and Accessories plus Tools, Materials, Supplies for restoration and preservation, including but not limited to professional detailing equipment, repair tools, waxes, polishes, more... Everything you can imagine for preservation of this car. Everything I have even remotely related to this car, goes with it.

This car is a Rare Build that was manufactured in Canada. There are absolutely NO Emission Devices... not even a PCV Valve.

The Easiest Car On The Planet to work on... but it doesn't need any work! You can, if you wanted to, change the oil without crawling under the car... the oil filter and drain plug are "right there". Work on it and accessorize it and/or upgrade a few things... or Not! Have tons of stuff to play with, add on, etc... if desired... or don't and leave it all original.

You can leave this car as is, Original and Beautiful and just about Perfect... or Play with it, and customize it, and accessorize it with all the typical accessories and modifications of the era.

This is not only an Awesome All Original Car... but Also a Fantastic Hobby... Complete with All Accessories and Upgrades to play with...

This Car is a Driver and a serious Head Turner / Conversation piece. You have to plan on extra time if you run errands, or Go Anywhere with it... EveryBody wants to talk to you about it. Seems like many people have parents who owned one, or they grew up with one, or it was their all-time favorite car... on and on... everyone wants to talk to you about it, and the car attracts lots of admirers instantly at car shows... be prepared to talk a lot there too...

There are Not many of these Comets around, especially in this great, awesome, drive anywhere, condition. The '64 Model is considered the Best Comet Model ever built.

This is a Real Car... Manufactured with thick Real Un-Recyled Steel!

This Car was built to Have Fun with. You can't just put it in the Garage. You have to Drive It and Show It and let others Appreciate it. You will not only be it's owner, you will be it's Curator and Guardian. It's a Special Car... with a Unique Mysterious Un-explainable Personality... that Attracts Everybody's attention. It brings on a lot of smiles from a lot of faces.

I'm disabled, I can't drive it as much as I'd like. I can't work on it as much as I'd like. I'm limited to what I can do with it. I have 3 titanium fusions in my back with a spine that has a whole lot less integrity than this car does... that's for sure... along with a number of other annoying defects and ailments (sheesh!). This car needs an appreciative New owner, a Friend, who can give it the attention, and preservation... and Love... that it needs. I Love This Car! ...but I can't care for it as I believe it needs to be cared for... nor can I Play with it as much as I'd Love to. It's frustrating now for me to own it.

There are many web sites related to this car and it's engine. There is always help available 24/7 from a huge community of helpful individuals dedicated to this car, it's engine, and others like it. You can get anything you can imagine for it, from Mild to Wild... and just about everything is inexpensive and totally available like you wouldn't believe. Every single nut, bolt, and original speck of dust is available and most often very reasonable and inexpensive. Although, this car Doesn't Need Anything!

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