March 18, 2014

1967 MG MGB GT Special

1967 MG MGB GT Special

When MG released the MGBGT in the United States in 1967 they commemorated its launch with 1,000 MGBGT "specials". Because the cars were dispatched from the factory late, the factory did not have time to install the special kits on the cars and the special kits were shipped separately to the dealers to be installed when the cars arrived. The story goes that the goodies in these kits, including special badging and a special factory wood-rimmed steering wheel, were often separated out and put on roadsters or sold out of parts departments.

Detail about this MGB
This 1967 MGBGT is one of the few "specials" that actually had the factory special kit installed by the dealer. If you notice the wood-rimmed steering wheel in the photos, you will rarely see another like it. All the original badging is still on the car, marking it as a true "special".

This car was originally shipped finished in mineral blue over black interior with blue piping. As you can see, the car still bears its original color scheme. A factory correct overdrive unit has been added, making this car the ideal MGBGT to own. Not only is it a special, with overdrive, but it has the much more desirable steel dashboard that was only used in 1967 on the MGBGTs.

Making the car even better, it has only 60,000 miles on the clock, believed to be original. There are brand new tires on as-new miniator center-spline knock off wheels. This car has been extremely well maintained by a legend in the MG car world who owned it previously. The car goes down the road straight with no shakes or rattles. Just a joy to drive.

The photos show just how original and well preserved this car is. You will not find a better example. Photo by Oxford Motorcars.

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