March 17, 2014

1967 Plymouth GTX

1967 Plymouth GTX

The '67 GTX was the precursor to the Roadrunner (which made it's debut in '68). This car is a 440 ci, 4 speed car. Back in '67, if you wanted the big 440 motor, you had no choice but to purchase the GTX model (the highest end version of the Belvedere) which was too expensive for most of the kids back in the day. To boost sales in '68, the 440 became an option that anyone could select, even if you had a rubber floor mat and radio-delete car. The '67 is a special car today as production numbers were relatively low.

This stunning and exceptionally clean car is in stock trim. Like so many cars from this era, modifications get made along the way that alter it from the master piece that it was when it rolled off the showroom floor many years ago. This car has been returned to stock trim, and recently won 1st place at the Mopar Madness show in the 'Stock' category.

Rare color combination (very Canadian!). Third owner. 70,000 original miles. 3.55 rear gears.

This car has been held in private car collections for over 30 years. Meticulously maintained, and infrequently driven. You will be hard pressed to find a cleaner example.

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