March 18, 2014

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible

Here we found American classic muscle in Convertible bodies. The Barracuda is a two-door sport car by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation, produced start from 1964 to 1974. And as the pictures is a second-generation of the Barracuda and built in 1968, though still base on his big brother chassis the Valiant, was heavily redesigned.

1968 Plymouth Barracudas has 300 hp from 383 V8 engine. In 1968 the Barracudas weakest on his class for battle of American muscle cars, behind the Mustang has 315 hp with 390 V8, Pontiac Firebird has 325 hp with 400 V8 and Camaro has 375 hp with 396 V8.

Barracudas Convertibles are very rare, and likely to continue to appreciate handily, especially with 383 V8 engine.

Detail about the Barracuda as on the pictures
1968 Barracuda Convertible. Originally a 6 Cyl, now has a 340 with auto. Body is decent and floors and frame rails look good. car has been sitting for 6 years and was just started and ran. New battery, good conv top, manual steering and brakes. Buckets, console, power top. Paint is dead and the body has had quarter panels installed many years ago. They appear to be quite solid. If your a do it yourself kinda guy, then this is a good car that runs and drives plus its a convertible with a 340.Wheels are Cragar SS and will shine up with a little work. Tires are like new.

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