March 30, 2014

1973 Porsche 911E Race Car

1973 Porsche 911E Race Car

1973 Porsche 911E Race Car For Sale

1973 Porsche 911E Race Car DP street outlaw slope turbo, Here we bring to you a race car powered by Porsche with full body kit, he was raced at Phoenix International Raceway in 1996. It's a street-legal Arizona car ready to go for a new owner. Based on 1973 Porsche 911E in the early 90s received a complete design plastic (DP) body kit.

The Porsche was listed about a few days ago on the Samba. Hard to find imperfections from here. All appearances look great in the photos, with a decent interior, without words about mechanical issues. A closer inspection is a must to avoid regret later.

Detail about this Porsche
This is a street legal Arizona titled 1973 Porsche 911 E race car this car was originally Abergine commonly called egg plant. Somewhere in the early 90s or late 80s this car received a complete design plastic (DP) body kit. We know that the car was painted red at one time. But we are unable to find any history of who drove it when it was a painted red and who may have raced her on the East Coast. In 1995 the car was purchased by James Russo he bought it from Franz Blom racing and it was just painted silver. The car was raced at Phoenix international Raceway in 1996. Shortly after the car was sold and disappeared only to resurface in 2009 in Burbank California. It was purchased from the then owner Jim Torres from Dave Hall. Dave did not get any paperwork with it. The car at that time was power by 3.3 turbo and had a 1977 Turbo four speed transmission. The chassi was then purchased a year ago by Chuck from Redline service who installed a 1986 3.2 Carrera engine and transmission. The engine received new rings, valves guides, and valve springs. A pair of custom ground camshafts by WebCams a 3mm larger throttle body was installed .The control unit was sent off and reprogram to accommodate the larger throttle body. And a set of B&B headers and muffler were installed. It received a Kennedy engineering sport race clutch. Fresh Koni racing shocks and 930 Turbo brake calipers were all completely serviced bled and flushed with Ate blue racing fluid. The rear early RSR trailing arms received new wheel bearings. Wheels now on the car are a set of Fikse 18 inch 9's and 11" rotary forged alloy were installed. New Mitchell S drive 225 x 18 front and 285x35 Mitchell and sport rear. I do have the original three piece BBS 15"X 9" and 15" X 11" All work is less then 3,000 testing and break in miles. Never raced yet and under 1 year old. Trades considered. See 1st video here

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