March 20, 2014

1989 Toyota Supra Need More Touches

1989 Toyota Supra Turbo

Here we bring a Japanese sport car on fair condition for US spesification market, need more touches from the coolest hand. It's about 2,954 cc, 5 manual speed with rear-wheel-drive base on Mark III + turbo. Run great, shifts smooth, pulls hard it's a real cool sport car.

Detail about this Supra
Has downpipe, new watepump, koyo rad, flex a lite fans, brand new re wraped interiour,stance coilovers, comes with a carbonfiber hood (cracked), and a godspeed front moount intercooler kit with all hard pipes.

The headgasket was replaced recently, and head was cleaned and rebuilt at the same time, (last year) car has a boost leak and its in the brake booster.

Replaced the shifter bushings, ( w the green truck bushing ) new redline MT90 trans fluid 2 months ago.

Interested about this Supra, please visit link below