April 24, 2014

1939 Plymouth Rat Rod Pickup Truck

1939 Plymouth Rat Rod Truck Custom Built

This is a very cool and different rat rod truck that was built by "Bears Rods & Iron Southern California" several years ago.

It is a 1939 Plymouth pickup that has many changes except a chopped top. The basis of the build is from a Dodge motorhome using parts of the chassis for the front suspension and the rear plus the 413 cu.in. engine and the automatic transmission. There are many modifications done actually to many to list, to get the real feel of the truck is to see it in person I don't think the pictures will justify the actual truck. This truck has been in magazines and the actual build and finished truck can be viewed on "You Tube". Google 1939 Plymouth Rat Rod and 39 Plymouth Rat Rod (the actual build up w/music). This is an excellent driving and good looking truck that can be driven anywhere it has the mileage to prove it, it is ready to go anywhere fly in and drive home.

If you interested about this pickup please visit link below