May 20, 2014

1947 Citroën 11B Traction Avant

1947 Citroen 11B Traction Avant for sale

Here's we found antique car in 4-door body from French by Citroën. It's a 11 B-normal model built in 1947, Layout front wheel drive, structure was a welded monocoque (unitized body).

Detail by Owner
This is a pre 1952 Traction with the flat trunk, wipers above the windshield and the Performance engine. I purchased this from a California seller and have done minor work on it so far. I had the head checked over and new valve springs installed along with normal head work done. Starter rebuilt. The car has been converted to 12 volt which means it starts quite easily vs the original 6 volt system. Interior is good but some water staining of the lower door cards since no one has replaced the rubber door and window seals over the years. Floor has been repaired in small areas but is overall solid. I have driven the car and the transmission is good. Second gear stays in and the syncros work better than most tractions. The brake system seems to have been redone sometime in the past since the master cylinder, brake shoes, flex lines and wheel cylinders all seem fairly new. New steel brake line was installed at some point from the front to the rear cross over line. However there is a leak somewhere and the brakes need to be pumped to stop properly.

Engine is strong and sounds good. No piston slap that i can hear. Steering is good. It will need new universal joints for the front drive shafts soon, both inner and outer ones seem well worn. With newer drive shafts or rebuilt original ones this will be a solid driver. Overall compared to what I see listed on Ebay and other sites this car is a very good value and a 6 out of 10.

Have two sets of wheel covers with new chrome inserts and center bolts. Tires will need to be replaced. The car is a good car, but you will need to spend money on it.

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