May 28, 2014

1962 Ford Econoline Pickup Truck

1962 Ford Econoline Pickup Truck

Here's we found American classic single cab by Ford, it's a 1962 Ford Econoline Pickup Truck on original condition, very nice object for restoration car project. This is a 52 year old truck. There is wear, dents and some rust, but overall, considering that President Kennedy was in the White House when this rolled off the assembly line, it is in great shape, very clean and unmolested.

Detail about this pickup by owner
1962 Ford Econoline 5 window pickup. Original 170 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder with a 3 speed column shift transmission (3 on the tree). Original factory paint and interior. Runs and drives great, has current California registration until 2015. I did a basic tune up (plugs, points, condenser, fuel filter and oil change) and a thorough detail. Other than that, I have not altered anything on it.

It runs strong, drives surprisingly well and gets decent mileage. The odometer reads 37,000 but is not currently working, so I cannot verify actual mileage. It drives like it has low mileage. The steering box has very little play and it steers straight. It doesn't have power brakes, so you do have to step on them, but it doesn't pull to one side when you do apply the brakes. The clutch doesn't slip or chatter. Headlights and taillights are working, but the turn signals and brake lights are not currently working (probably a fuse). Gas gauge is registering, but I do not trust it and always keep it full. Someone installed an auxiliary electric fan in front of the radiator on a switch (it still retains its original belt driven fan, but the second fan helps greatly with cooling in stop and go traffic).

This is an ORIGINAL PAINT vehicle. Factory Ford paint, except for a small touch up on the "A" pillar and the tailgate, the bed has been sprayed with red oxide primer. There are some dents, but I have tried to show them in their entirety. This pickup lived its entire life in Arroyo Grande, California. There is very little rust, but there is some in the areas that these typically collect water. Pics show this, but feel free to ask questions.
It has 4 matching Hankook 13" white walls. Plenty of tread left. No spare.

In closing, this is a very nice original pickup. Not abused, hacked up or customized, as many of these are. It is not going to set any land speed records or drive like a 2014 Lexus, but this is the essence of what people refer to as a "survivor" or "California Car".

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