May 23, 2014

1967 Volvo Amazon Station Wagon

1967 Volvo Amazon Station Wagon for sale

1967 Volvo Amazon Station Wagon For Sale

Here we found an executive classic wagon by Volvo Swedish premium automobile manufacturer. It's a 1967 Volvo Amazon 122S Wagon with the Laycock Overdrive System. The exterior on excellent condition, but the interior needs a few touches to be perfect, great bone, starts easily, and runs well. Very nice car easy to restore to be museum quality.

The Amazon listed about a few days ago on Ebay. Hard to find imperfections from here. There is not much we get from a short Ad, but all appearances look promising in the photos provided, with a decent interior, without words about mechanical issues. A closer inspection is a must to avoid miss calculation.

Interested about this wagon, please visit link below