May 18, 2014

1975 BMW 2002

1975 BMW 2002

Here we found awesome Germany classic compact sedan produced by BMW, the most famous of BMW’s “New Class” line, yes it's about the 2002 series. The world was captivated by the 2002’s attractive blend of power, agility and style – in addition to its reasonable price tag. As the picture is a 2002 in 2-door sedan body style.

Detail about this 2002 by owner

I would rate the body as a 8/10 shape.
The body has some rust bubbles on the rear quarters behind the wheels as well as both lower door panels. The shock towers are in great shape, solid no visible rust. The manual sun roof does leak water, but also does not open.

I would rate the interior as a to 9/10. The dash has a small crack. The seats are in great shape and comfortable. The front seat belts are a little beat up, and the seat belt return system needs assistance to retract the belts. Has an after market Steering wheel (MOMO). Kenwood deck with new Infinity speakers in the rear that sound great. All instruments work and comes with an Innovate wide band O2 gauge and vacuum/boost gauge. Non-smoker so the interior does not smell!

The engine comes with a rebuilt E21 head. Engine burns a little oil, but does not smoke or leak oil. The M10 e30 intake manifold is fitted with 19 lb/hr ford injectors. The throttle body is from an e30 325i. The manifold is also fitted with a Jeep ICV. The battery has been relocated to the trunk.

The e21 5 speed was just recently installed and includes a new longer speedometer cable, but mph cluster does not work, needs a new cluster or rebuild. The transmission shifts out well. The front and back springs were cut to lower it. The front brakes were rebuilt including new brake hoses. I rebuilt the rear brakes with new wheel cylinders, shoes & brake hoses. The car rides on 15" bbs wheels with new 195/50s Kumo Ecsta AST tires.

Mega Squirt II, v3.57 engine management:
It senses Inlet Temp, Motor water temp, throttle position, RPM, MAP and exhaust O2 though the Innovate LC1. Spark is supplied by the Ford EDIS. The MSII controls the fuel, ignition timing and the ICV. Tuning was done by myself via Tuner Studio. Tuner Studio has a VE analyze live feature which can tune your car if so desired.

I have attached link below for further reading.

The fuel system is upgraded to handle the EFI. New feed pump and a HP pump are located in the spare tire well and 3/8" aluminum tubing feeds fuel to the 2.0L M10.

If I kept the car, I would probably replace the front struts. I have all the parts to do so and they come with the car. Front struts KYB, front upper strut bearings and front lower ball joints, also Ireland engineering bushings all the way around. Just no time to finish. Starts up and idles , but does not run well needs some motor work. The megasquirt is having some issues.

The car will come with the original spare tire/wheel, extra 15" bbs wheel.

Overall, this is a great car and gets lots of attention.
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