May 16, 2014

1980 Alfa Romeo Spider Custom Sport Convertible Coupe

1980 Alfa Romeo Spider Custom Sport Convertible Coupe

Here we found awesome the Italian roadster custom on red metal, it's a 1980 Alfa Romeo Spider, what it's the same Spider as the previous post, no.. obviously this car is different than the previous post. For this time, we talk about The Spider by Alfa Romeo as the pictures. It's a second generation of the Spider, and his factory calls him Series 2 Spider. The owner makes it more sporty, with a slight change on his face, removed the original bumper, replace it with a larger grille then leave the logo chrome in that place, I think it is cool to increase the air supply to the engine. And the small additional bumper on the chin like a beard, hope for more downforce on the front so he will always stick in the ground and have more grip on high speed.

Detail about this Spider
1980 Alfa Romeo Kamm-Tail Spider
Finished in Ferrari Red over a Black interior.

An extensive restoration completed including body and paint by world renowned body shop "Coachwerks" better known for restoring million dollar Mercedes 300SL Gullwings. With tasteful upgrades like louvers in the hood and de-bumpered for a super clean look. Wet sanded and polished to a mirror smooth finish.

All new or restored: performance suspension, tires, exhaust, interior, gas tank, electrical, soft top, two sets of factory wheels, custom paint and powder coating under the hood, and the list goes on. Over $30,000 in receipts alone!

Owner said, "This is the best classic I have ever owned and has proven itself on longer drives or just cruising around the city".

If you are looking for a classic sports car you can't beat this one, please visit link below if you want him