May 13, 2014

1985 Toyota Supra Just for Collector

1985 Toyota Supra Just for Collector

1985 Toyota Supra Just for Collector For Sale

Here we found a gorgeous Japanese 80's sports car in immaculate condition collector quality, it's a 1985 Toyota Supra MKII. Supras of this MKII vintage were really ahead of their time when they were produced, and they can still hold their own in terms of performance and comfort today.

The MK2 Toyota Supra is believed to be one of the best representations of the company's ability to design attractive sports models, far more modern than those from the 80s era. The Supra today is a highly collectible model across all eras, but the market price of the Supra MK2 does not represent well that.

Detail about this Supra by owner 
1985 Toyota Supra (MKII) with its 2.8 Liter, Normally Aspirated, Electronically Fuel Injected, Double Overhead Cam, Six Cylinder Engine and a smooth Five-Speed Manual Transmission. Its exterior paint color is Toyota's Super Deep Red (think "Blood Red") with black trim, and the interior is black and grey in color. It has Four-Wheel Power Disc Brakes, Power Windows, Power Doors Locks, Tilt Steering, Cruise Control, Automatic Temperature Control Heating and fiercely frigid genuine Freon R12 Air Conditioning, an advanced Toyota/Technics Five-Speaker AM-FM-Stereo Cassette Player with APS (Automatic Program Search), Sunroof, Alloy Wheels (five, including spare), Retractable Headlights, Fog Lights, a Factory Theft Deterrent System, and many other finely appointed equipment items too numerous to mention. The Toyota Factory front "Recaro-style" bucket seats are incredibly comfortable, and the driver's seat is nearly infinitely adjustable, including through the use of a hand pump and three separate individually controllable lumbar support air bladders. It is also fitted with a full set of five (including spare) Bridgestone Potenza HP41 tires with an H-speed-rating

This specific beautiful example is not a "restored" vehicle, but rather one that has been protected from the elements and immaculately maintained, both mechanically and cosmetically, over its entire lifetime. It has spent the vast majority of that lifetime under a Covercraft Custom Tan Flannel Car Cover while also being safely inside either my aircraft hangar or my garage. When driven on the highway, it has been protected by a soft fleece-lined Colgan Custom Front End Mask (bra). The original paint is definitely a "9", and the original interior is about as close to an absolute "10" as possible, looking exactly as the vehicle did when it left the showroom floor 28 years ago. Except for a small worn area on the driver's mat, even the original factory carpeted floor mats are still in excellent condition.

Virtually everything on this vehicle, including the paint and interior, is either the original Toyota Factory part/material or a Toyota factory replacement item. The only exceptions are the battery (Costco "Kirkland" 100-month guarantee), hood lift supports (Mighty-Lift), muffler (a single "glaspack"), the chrome exhaust tip, the front speakers (Pioneer TS-A878), the full set of five Bridgestone Potenza HP41 tires with an H-speed-rating, the engine oil filter (a much larger volume than stock Fram HM8A), and some lubricants and other maintenance fluids (mostly Castrol). The vehicle has no damage history, except for the driver's door being repaired/repainted after a student of the previous schoolteacher-owner kicked it. Nearly impossible to avoid on 28-year-old vehicle, it does have a couple of small scratches, a few small paint chips, and some flaking off of the clear coat on the wheels. However, it is a truly beautiful vehicle that is has an undercarriage nearly as clean as what you see when you walk past it while it's parked or when it whips past you on the road.

The maintenance on this Supra, all done much more frequently than necessary, has included engine oil changes with either Castrol GTX 10W-40 or 20W-50 (depending on the season) every 1,000 miles.

This Supra is an absolute joy to drive. Its combination of power, handling, low interior noise level, ride comfort, and great gas mileage is pretty hard to beat. It is an incredibly roomy and comfortable road car for two people, and with the rear seats folded down you can haul a great amount of travel gear along with you. But, if you absolutely must, you can actually snugly fit up to another three smaller humans in back if necessary (it has an extra rear seat belt in the center), fill up the rear cargo area with whatever you really need, and even cover it up with the retractable cargo cover.

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