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1956 Chevy 150 Handyman 2 Door Wagon

1956 Chevy 150 Handyman 2 Door Wagon

1956 Chevy 150 Handyman 2 Door Wagon

Here's we found the vintage economy car from USA produced by Chevrolet built in 1956 has factory code One-Fifty, or 150 on handyman 2-door wagons. In the 50s the numerical auto name for the production series becoming trend. In general, One-Fifties are less valuable than the sibling Two-Ten and Bel Air models on the collectors' market, but the rare surviving wagon or utility Sedan can command premium prices, particularly when with a fuel-injected engine, and the V8 engines from One-Fifties it's become very popular for hot rod enthusiasts, due to lower curb weight and lower prices.

Detail about this Handyman by Owner
Very rare 1956 Chevy 150 Handyman 2-Door Wagon
All of the following has less than 2000 miles on them and the recent carb and tune up have less than 25 miles. Has been a father/son project for the last 7-8 or so years. My dad and I bought this from my cousin in Northern California. It had been sitting in a barn since the '70s prior to my cousin owning it and had been set up as a gasser.

When we got it, we completely cleaned and undercoated the car, removed and restored the stock 3:70 rear end, added 3" lowering springs and shocks up front and 1.5" blocks and shocks in the rear by Jamco. We put 4 wheel disc brakes as well as a power brake booster on and it rides and stops like a beast! We also had a 350 professionally built and it's putting out around 300HP and 375ft/lbs of torque. Very fun and and VERY quick! it's all backed by a 700R4 transmission with a Lokar shifter and cruises at 85 at very low RPMs. We just had the car professionally tuned and put a brand new Edelbrock carburetor on. The wagon runs absolutely perfect and mechanically it is sound. We also refurbished the heating system and it does have heat.

All this car needs is paint and interior and you have an absolutely killer hot rod wagon! There is some surface rust on the paint but, overall, it is extremely straight and virtually no bodywork is needed. There is also a small amount of rust on the floor, as shown in one of the photos, but is an easy fix. Other than that, this thing is ready to be finished and doesn't need much to get there, either. All of the interior and exterior trim is included and will come with the car.

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