July 11, 2014

1963 Austin Mini Countryman

1963 Austin Mini Countryman For Sale

Here we bring a mini wagon made by British Motor Corporation they call the Countryman, a Two-door estate car with double "barn"-style rear doors. This luxury model had decorative, non-structural wood inserts in the rear body which gave the car a similar appearance to the larger Morris Minor Traveller which had some of the look of an American-style 1950s Woodie. Approximately 108,000 Austin Mini Countryman have ever made and this is one of them.

Countryman was listed on Craigslist about a day ago and was still online when we posted it here. The interior look nice, but not all angles are shown in the photos. Hard to find imperfections from here closer inspection is a lot better.

Detail about this Mini
Excellent condition in and out. A great little car that is amazingly fun to drive. You can even go on the freeway with it. Mk1 with 850 engine, mustache grill and external door hinges.

Interested please visit link below