July 8, 2014

1974 Porsche 911S Carrera Coupe

1974 Porsche 911S Carrera Coupe For Auction

We found one of the most awesome sports coupes in the world, it's the flagship of the current lineup of Porsche they are is a two-door, high-performance sports car made by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. It has a distinctive design, powered by air-cooled engines on the rear side and with independent rear suspension. Yes, it's all about the 911 Carrera one of the legendary cars by Porsche, as shown here is a Porsche 911S Carrera built in 1974. Starting from 1974 all 911S got a dip in a zinc galvanizing bath before paint. The result was the most rust-resistant 911 yet.

The Porsche was listed about a few days ago on eBay as an auction, still ongoing when we posted it here. Hard to find imperfections from here, original condition. All appearances look great in the photos, collector item.

Detail about this Carrera
1974 Porsche 911S Carrera Coupe
Extremely straight.
Rust Free.
Way better than average original paint (minus the RSR fiberglass front bumper and tail, with light blend-in at fenders and rear window pillars done decades ago, and perfectly matched. Paint meter pictures included in link).
Early Carrera produced with the early 72/73 RS rear flares (only available on early 74 examples).
Correct dated Fuchs. and spare.
California blue plate car.
2 motors ( the one in the car is a completely rebuilt and documented 2.7L S motor with very low miles. The other is an unstamped 7R case originally replaced under factory warranty in 75 and later built to a hotrod 2.8L with 67 911S cams).
Records & owner documentation.
Original Owners Manuals.
Complete original toolkit and jack.
Original ducktail/sunroof delete car.
Track updates: LSD, Bilsteins, heavier torsions bars & sway bars, Recaros, front camber bar, short shift, turbo tie rods, etc.
Factory Black out trim with pop out windows.
H1 headlights.
Original Seats included.
A/C car. Removed and included in boxes.
Above average original interior with an excellent original dash an speaker grill.

Car hasn't been used on a regular basis and has been primarily stored since around 1995. Still, the car runs and drives fantastic. With very low miles on the motor it runs extremely well. CIS working perfectly. Brakes feel great with no seizing issues form storage. Clutch and trans doing exactly what they should with no fussy shifts, grinding, or popping out of gear. Much more solid (stiff), and sound than the average early 70's 911 due to all the period performance updates, care, and maintenance.

Extremely rare opportunity.

One of a very few, if not the only special order #227 Green Carrera coupes produced.
This iconic example encompasses everything you remember about the bygone era of air cooled Porsche ownership. A true time warp with nothing but soul emitting from it's wonderfully patina'd leather Raid wheel to it's original orange bar hood badge (another rare item that didn't make it onto the later midyears).
When I acquired this car, my first instinct was to replace the front bumper and rear tail with an original decklid, but I just couldn't do it. This car took me back to my early PCA Zone 7 autocross weekends, where every event, guys would come back with the 'latest' go-fast accessories from Tweeks or Performance, etc, and the cars entire value was based in split seconds. This one was used as intended, then untouched and preserved from that brief snapshot in time. Not a garage queen...better.

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