July 12, 2014

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR Fully Rebuilt

1990 Nissan Skyline GTR Fully Rebuilt

Here's the Japanese grand tourer based on the Nissan Skyline range. It's a third generation of Nissan Skyline GTR built in 1990 and fully rebuilt on last year ready to go for new owner. This car has many modifications and upgrades but not perfect car, will need some work and will need a tune to reach full potential and minor rust work. Nissan Skyline GTR has become an iconic sports car, including in countries from the Western World.

The Skyline GTR became the flagship of Nissan performance,and showcasing many advanced technologies including the ATTESA E-TS 4WD system and the Super-HICAS four-wheel steering. Today, the car is popular for import drag racing, circuit track, time attack and events hosted by tuning magazines.

Nissan Skyline GTR has become notable through pop culture such as The Fast and the Furious series, Initial D, Shakotan Boogie, Wangan Midnight, and Gran Turismo. Despite this the car was never manufactured outside of Japan.

The car was named at the time by BBC's Top Gear as the only true Japanese contribution in the line of supercars, and by Jeremy Clarkson as one of the best cars in the world.

Detail about this GTR
1990 Nissan Skyline GTR R32 RB26 White (5-Speed Manual, Right Hand Drive)
RB26DETT Fully rebuilt. Engine has ZERO miles since all the gaskets, head gaskets, belts, oil pump have been replaced. Single turbo conversion but will have all stock hardware if perfered (Can sell it to you, will not be included or will part out for cash)

  • R33 GTR Vspec Transmission
  • 76K miles, engine rebuilt and compression even on all cylinders
  • AEM EMS Ver 2 (Brand New)
  • Gaskets and all belts replaced
  • Precision PT6265 Turbo 700hp kit (Brand New)
  • HKS Vel Stack Rep (New)
  • Single tubular manifold (New)
  • Tail 44mm MV-R (New)
  • Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
  • Aftermarket Downpipe/Exhuast
  • Innovate Wideband
  • Nismo Oil Cap
  • Rims
    Rays Nismo LMGT-4 wheels imported straight from Japan
    Forged 1 piece wheel (monoblock)
    18x9.5 1/2
    +30 offset
    19.4 lbs each

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