July 16, 2014

Beautiful 1970 Saab 99

A beautiful 1970 Saab 99 for sale on Craigslist

Found a beautiful Swedish classic car produced by SAAB for sale on Craigslist, a series 99 2-door coupe released in 1970 and offered as a compact executive car at the time. The 1970 model, had an updated interior with a facelift, and became even more luxurious than the previous year. The coupe looks good in photos with a tan exterior, decent interior and a dry engine that sits well under the hood.

It claimed to be one of the original examples with less than 90k miles since new. Rust-free, very solid, never gets an accident and spends his entire life in a dry western state climate. And this coupe has looking for a new owner, which was listed on Craigslist about a day ago.

Detail by Owner
1970 SAAB 99 2-Door Coupe
Tan (I think they called it Sand) with black and gray interior and blue seats. Everything is original as far as I can tell. Fun car to drive. Gets lots of comments and looks. I have owned it for less than 2 years. I love this little car but gotta sell it. Previous owner said he was the second owner and knew personally the original owner. It's been a northern California (San Jose) car most of it's life until moved to northern Utah a few years ago. It's been here in Reno since I bought it.

Beautiful design by Sixten Sason. 1.75L slant-4, carbureted engine, 4 speed manual transmission.

Since I've had the car I had to replace the hydraulic line between the master and slave clutch cylinder ($120) and the distributor ($250). Work done by Swedish Auto Services here in Reno. Otherwise it's been a reliable daily driver. Starts right up even when temp is zero and goes great even in the snow (FWD, engine and transmission over front wheels). Paint is not perfect but looks pretty good from a few feet away. Front seat has a few cracks/tears. Passenger seat and bench rear seat are in great condition. Rear seatbelts for 2. I also have an extra set of front and rear bumpers that come with the car, so if you don't like the brush-guard look of the current bumpers you can change them.

Interested, please visit link below