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1960 Studebaker Champ Pickup

1960 Studebaker Champ Pickup

Here's American vintage light-duty pickup truck produced by the Studebaker Corporation in 1960. It's a Studebaker Champ Pickup Truck designed at a time when Studebaker's truck line hadn't seen major upgrading in over 10 years, the company, which had endured years of declining sales, was forced to use a number of existing components, but the result was impressive.

Detail about this truck
1960 Studebaker Pickup Truck. This relic was found in a barn in Kansas and she still has a nice solid body. I'll guarantee you'll be the only one on Long Island with one of these. You're looking at one of the most rare trucks built in the 50's or 60's, this is not like a dime a dozen Chevy or Ford. The big rear fenders and the spare tire carrier gives it a truly unique look. This Studebaker has the Deluxe Cab edition that included door panels, fender chrome, AM radio (inop) and some other minor goodies. The body is solid with little to no rust (the tailgate has some rust at the very bottom), the pickup bed is excellent, all the lights work, wipers work, horn works (although it's a button on the dash not on the steering wheel). Gauges work but gas gauge is inop. Glass is good (drivers window does not roll up or down very easily). The engine is a 259 V8 that runs but blows a little smoke. It has a 3 speed manual transmission with the shifter on the column and has factory overdrive. It's licensed and on the road but does have some issues that need to be addressed. If had had the skills I'd do them myself. There seems to be an issue with the linkage as it hard to get it into 1st and reverse. To me, not knowing how to fix cars, I'd consider this a project but if you have some mechanical skills you could sort this thing out and have a truly rare piece of history that no one else can duplicate.

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