August 26, 2014

Potential To Convert, 1974 Pinzgauer 710K

Potential to Convert, 1974 Pinzgauer 710K for sale

We found a Light Utility Vehicle manufactured by Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Graz, Austria, commonly known as the Pinzgauer being offered for sale at Craigslist by its owner. No mechanical issue all works properly including of its 4x4 drivetrain, very potential as an conversion project.

This 1974 Pinzgauer 710K is Ex-Swiss Army 4x4 Radio Truck runs great, everything works. Would be coolest item on your garage, not only that were can be offered by this vehicle, other than as an off-road toy it could be great for anyone who's looking for a tough vehicle as a perfect bone of an adventure camper.

It more unique and fun than VW Camper, with all abilities and advantages that he has it will expand your cruising range to find a fantastic place to camping.

Detail about this vehicle
1974 Steyr-Daimler-Puch Pinzgauer 710K 4x4
5-Door Hard Top Pinzgauer with a Roof Hatch
64k km (40k miles)
Shift-on-the-Fly 4-Wheel Drive with Front & Rear Hydraulic Locking Differentials
Seats 5 People with 1 ton payload and 11000 lb tow rating
Smaller than it looks - similar in size to a Chevy Astro van
Roomiest back seat you've ever seen, complete with table
Removeable door tops
Top speed of 75 mph, cruises comfortably at 65 mph
Noisy, under powered, makes a terrible daily driver
Great for offroading or ski/snowboard trips
15" clearance under the differentials
If you can get it stuck you were really trying
No smog tests ever

Parts are available from Expedition Imports in Vallejo and Swiss Army Vehicles in Arkansas.
There's a great Pinzgauer mechanic in SoCal, and an active online community at

Standard Accessories:
Tool box and tools
Shovel and Ax
Tow Cable
4 tire chains
Rifle Racks

Upgrades and extras include:
Laminated Safety Glass Windshield (no face full of glass in an accident)
reinforced front bumper
Civilian Ignition with Pertronix Igniter (no more points)
BFG KM2 M/T 255/85/16 tires with balancing beads
Onboard air compressor with twin tanks
LED tail lights with reverse
LED side marker lights
halogen headlights
Aircraft Intercom & 4 headsets
Solargizer battery maintainer
electronic flasher
custom exhaust
dual horns (no more roadrunner beep-beep)
Receiver hitch (can swap with pintle hitch)
Trailer wired for pinzgauer and 4 pin flat connectors
Pinzgauer to 4 pin flat converter cable
owner's manual, shop manual, and parts book
lots of spare parts

Interested please visit link below