September 24, 2014

1950 Hudson Super Six Run & Drive

1950 Hudson Super Six Run & Drive

1950 Hudson Super Six Run & Drive For Sale

Here's an antique American performance car produced by Hudson, it's a Super Six built in 1950 and comes in a 4-door sedan with had 121-hp, 262-cid flathead six-cylinder engine. The Super Six had an aerodynamic design prepared to speed, also making it look different from almost everything else on the road. The unibody made the Super Six lighter and stiffer than more conventional designs, and also reduced weight, all of which meant the cars were quite capable.

It could be a remarkable example of the 1950 Hudson Super Six offered in the market today. The car was listed on eBay a few weeks ago.

Details about this Hudson by owner
1950 Hudson Super Six. Car is 100% complete, all trim, hubcaps and interior parts are there. Engine is running, transmission, brakes, electrical system are working. Basically the car is in run & drive condition except a water leak from the water pump. The body is for the 64 years not in bad condition, surface rust on the body panels, but sure it will need some repairs on the under side. All in one, a good candidate for restoration of a piece of 50's automotive history.

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