September 21, 2014

1964 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible Nut & Bolt Restoration

1964 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible Nut & Bolt Restoration

Here's a Germany Sports car produced by Volkswagen, based on chassis and mechanicals of Type 1 (Beetle) collaborated with styling by Luigi Segre of the Italian carrozzeria Ghia and hand-built bodywork finished by the German coach-builder Karmann then the result is one of iconic autos in the world. Yes, it's a Volkswagen Type 14 known as VW Karmann Ghia built in 1964 comes with a professionally built 1641 engine in convertible body style, has nut & bolt restoration, GORGEOUS GHIA!!!

As shown here, a 1964 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible is free of rust and mechanically absolutely well, it could be the nicest Ghia offered for sale today. Finished attractive turquoise over beige upholstery and soft top, so worth it to keep.

Details this Ghia
1964 VW Karmann Ghia Convertible

This car is a jaw dropper!  There are not many Ghias out there that are restored to the level that this car is.   If you ever thought about investing your money in a Karmann Ghia, this one is as safe as an investment as they get.  Demand for these cars is steadily growing, and one of this caliber is sure to appreciate in value.

This car still retains its originality and integrity, but has alot of mechanical upgrades and modern convenience that make it a joy to drive.  It has a very vintage look and feel, yet drives are performs safely and comfortably.

It took years to find the right car to start with.  Its hard to find an early Ghia convertible that hasn't been hit, molested, or have rust. This car started as an extremely nice, rust free, original, un-hit, survivor that was garaged its entire life.  When you start with a good car, they are that much better in the end.  This car was better than most any out there before the restoration. 

This car was completely disassembled and done right!  No corners were cut during this build.  This was a 3 year restoration with no expense spared.  Countless hours and a lots of money spent getting this car to where you see it today. 

The paint and body were professionally done by a restoration expert and look incredible.  The car was done using all Dupount material.  It has been color sanded and buffed to a mirror finish.  The car was completely stripped and repainted, including the jambs, engine compartment, trunk, etc. All the gaps and body lines look great.  The doors open and close very nice.  The windows go up and down and line up as they should.  The fit and finish on the car is very nice.   As stated before, this was a rust free car to start with so no rust repair was needed.  All German metal!!! Just look at the pics of the nose and spare tire area.  Never hit and never any rust!

All the bright work on the car has been restored and shines beautifully.  The original bumpers were dissembled and re-plated.  The mirrors, door handles, emblems, ect... have all been either replaced or re-plated.  The aluminum parts were straightened and re-polished. 

This car doesn't just look gorgeous, it performs too!  It was built with function and practicality in mind. This car can be driven anywhere.  All the kinks have been worked out and it is ready to be enjoyed.  It starts, runs, drives, and stops just as it should.  It needs nothing and is ready to bump the key and go.  It has been upgraded to 12 volt, which allows for the modern stereo with Ipod hookup, phone charger, ect.

The motor is a professionally built 1641 that runs great.  Everything is new and was done by a VW expert.  The motor retains a stock look and appearance, but has a lot more power and drive-ability.  Most of the parts on the motor such as the fan shroud, cylinder tins, air cleaner, etc were stripped and repainted.  This is a very smooth running motor with plenty of power to cruise highway speeds.

The interior on the Ghia is also all new.  The seats and door panels were refinished in a correct style tan vinyl.  New German square weave carpet was added.  The steering wheel and horn ring are new.  All the trim inside the car was re-polished or replaced.  The knobs and switched are new.  The top is a new stay-fast canvas and operate as it should.  Everything on the car works; speedometer, fuel gauge, horn, wipers, turn signals, headlights, taillights, dash lights, ect. 

The car has a rare and valuable AM/FM Sapphire radio, that works!  There is also a secondary stereo system that is hidden in the car that plays off your phone or Ipod.  There are 4 speakers and an amplifier.  It sounds nice and is plenty loud enough to here even on the highway with the top down.  A cigarette lighter was added in the glove box to so you can charge your phone on a weekend road trip.

The smoothie wheels were refinished and painted to match the car.  A new set of Coker wide whitewall tires were added along with a new set of chrome caps.  Even the spare was painted to match.

This car was taken to a large national VW event with cars from all over the country, and didn't just win its class, it took Best of Show!  It draws a crowd wherever it goes.  If you don't like attention, this isn't the car for you.