September 3, 2014

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Unveiling the Timeless Rarity: The 1970 Plymouth Superbird

This is a rare 1970 Plymouth Superbird, which is an American classic racing car that was specifically produced by Plymouth for NASCAR racing. It was a highly modified version of the Plymouth Road Runner featuring a well-known aerodynamic nose cone, a high-mounted rear wing, and a horn that mimicked the Road Runner cartoon character's famous catchphrase, "beep... beep..".

The Superbird's unique styling proved to be too extreme for 1970 tastes, and as a result, many customers preferred the regular 1970 Road Runner. Only 1,920 examples of the Superbird were built, and this car is one of them.

This particular Superbird is not something you see for sale very often. It has a numbers-matching 440 six-pack engine, showing 26k believed to be original miles, a pistol grip 4-speed transmission, and a 3:54 Dana rear end. The car is painted in Hemi Orange and has a black bench seat interior, which is near perfect. The exterior is also in great condition, with paint that is probably 11-13 years old but still looks fantastic. The car is very straight with no rust, dings, dents, or noticeable scratches. The headlamps work as they should, and the vinyl top is perfect.

Currently, the car has old-school American mag wheels, but the buyer can choose between 15' rallies or 15 steel wheels painted Hemi Orange with correct poverty caps. It comes with an original broadcast sheet and original VIN tag, and the VIN is stamped on the core support as it should be. It has the correct 956 radiator and radiator cap, and it has never been wrecked. The car has had four documented owners since it was new.

The car runs and drives great, fires up, and goes to a high idle as it should. It idles amazingly with a nice throaty sound. It has the original exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust out to factory chrome tips, and it also has the original jack assembly.

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