September 28, 2014

1978 Volkswagen Bus Champagne Edition II

1978 Volkswagen Bus Champagne Edition II

1978 Volkswagen Bus Champagne Edition

Here's the special edition bus and limited produced by Volkswagen based on Type 2 T2 or known as a bay window, released in 1978 they call him the Champagne Editions II, which comes with special/limited edition colors and all the best interior trims, powered by a 2.0-liter air-cooled engine, rear mount. This second-time Volkswagen offered this edition, first known as the Champagne Editions I was released in 1977.

The Champagne Editions II is one of the collectible vehicles, and is very desirable, especially for VW bus enthusiasts.

Detail about this Bus
1978 Volkswagen Bus Champagne Edition II
In 1977, for the first time Volkswagen throws special sales campaign for they of certain vehicles except the Bus. Due to the popularity of the Champagne editions of several 1977 vehicles and success in sales, Volkswagen repeated the sales campaign in 1978 including the Bus and Campmobile types, with these vehicles referred to as Champagne Edition II models.

The Champagne Edition II Bus was available in Fox Red and Datenut Brown with chrome bumpers and rubber strips. The exterior also featured three-color tape stripes.

The interior of the Champagne edition II Bus had a Beige and Sienna two-tone corduroy interior. It also had a saddle brown, plastic dash panel comes with seven-seat and sunroof.

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