September 10, 2014

2001 Hummer H1 Turbodiesel Wagon

2001 Hummer H1 Turbodiesel Wagon

Here's based on the M998 Humvee military multi-purpose vehicle made for civilian produced by AM General. It's a H1 series was the first of what became the Hummer line. Overall, the H1 was a very limited production vehicle.

Details about this Humvee by owner
2001 Hummer H1 Turbo Diesel Wagon
Reconditioned by world's top hum, mech + FREE matching trailer!
Serviced extensively last 8 month by Mike Sabbarese, mechanic of "the Governator." > 15k worth of work!).

New stuff:
  • Rebuilt tranny, < 500 miles
  • front CTIS lines
  • radiator, fan shroud, fan clutch, serp belt, AC
  • compressor- cold AC.
  • engine comp
  • Right AC blower (common prob. part)
  • washer res. w dual-pump, wipe switch (old one often fails)
  • windshields
  • Awning
  • Stereo-iPod,BT,vid,rear-cam
  • Recovered seats
  • Toyo Open Country MT tires(<10k mi)
  • metal door hardware, replaces crap plastic
  • orig.
  • center seat(not mounted atm)
  • air-filt. & qr clamp(now stainless)
  • new headlights
  • rear carpet
  • roof rack.
  • tall air-intake
  • high-flow hood
  • rear power-lock&more
VIN is POST cylinder 8 fix. ALL pre 2k1, & even a FEW 2K1s, have bad cyl.8. If buying an H1, DON'T buy pre-2k1 w/o a new motor. You are setting yourself up for big Issues.

All major systems good-to-go. Like many older cars, things haven't been done b/c they weren't an problem for me.
  1. Driver-side window-harness needs fixed for the DS window to work w/door closed (wire w/ small disconnect that stretches JUST ENOUGH 2 stop from working w/door closed, open door, works fine). Will be ~ 375 to fix. I didn't, because AC=great.
  2. FG hood has minor cracks near front-left side. Been that way for 3 years w/o change. For a body-work/paint guy, easy fix. Good mechanicals > than showroom shine.
  3. Glovebox lock is nein gut (also common). OEM part=cheap.
  4. M103a trailer & pintle hitch, w/ plate for correct trailer height. Trailer is original, w/custom-made steel rails that slide into rail-mounts. Inertial-braking is fine, lights modified f/12 volt operation. FREE W/TRUCK. Car titled WI, reg in NH, currently in Los Angeles.Trailer titled CA.Car has WI title, reg in NH, currently in Los Angeles.Trailer has CA title.

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