September 22, 2014

Beautiful 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Beautiful 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Here's Italian compact automobile manufactured by Alfa Romeo. It's a Giulietta Sprint was design by Franco Scaglione at Bertone, built in 1965 comes in orange exterior and black interior. In 1998 this car was converted for racing in historical venues as a group FP -1.

Significant changes made between 1999 and 2001 were.

  • Transmission rebuild (3/01) with new synchros.
  • New heavy duty clutch and pressure plate (3/01)
  • Lower gear (5.13) rear end (3/01)
  • New axle seals and pinion seals (3/01)
  • All new hoses (USCG approved) and stainless steel base clamps. Balanced drive shaft
  • Installation of aluminum water catch tank.
  • New high-tension spark plug and distribute wiring
  • Programmable MSP rev limiter (set at 7800 RPM)
  • Installation of racing (22-24 #) radiator cap replace by lower pressure
  • Installation of new VDO oil pressure and water temperature gauges.
  • Rebuild brakes with Porterfield racing linings and pads.
  • New armored brake lines .New racing springs front and rear.
  • New oversize front anti sway bar, new rear axle retainer straps.
  • New extended wheel lugs and new nuts with 3/8” wheel spacers.
  • New battery tray , battery holder down, battery wiring and external battery emergency switch.

  • Installed phoenix 10# Halon fire system (feet, engine, trunk)
  • Installed custom auto safe fuel cell in original fuel tank position
  • Installed custom auto power SCCA spec roll bar, powder coated with leather headrest.
  • Built and installed two Zagatto-style lightweight seats covered in leather.
  • Installed new auto power 5 pt safety belts for passenger.
  • Installed two Ray dot aluminum fender mirrors.
  • Installed full width wink mirror above windshield, and also installed quick disconnect tow hooks, front and back.
  • Alloy race wheels with racing tires also new break master cylinder and water pump.

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