September 9, 2014

Classic Coupe 1983 Ferrari 400i

Classic Coupe 1983 Ferrari 400i

Classic Coupe 1983 Ferrari 400i

Here's an Italian classic coupe produced by Ferrari, it's a 400i built in 1983 and comes as a 2-door Coupe powered by a 4.8L FI V12 engine blowing 310 hp. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire a good-looking Ferrari 400i, finished in Rosso Corsa.

Detail about this Ferrari by owner
1983 Ferrari 400i 2-door coupe
As the car has been dry stored for the past 8 years, the underside is very solid.
Before turning the engine over, or attempting to start it we took every precaution and performed an oil and filter change.

Plugs out, the engine turned over smoothly.

We replaced the original ignition module with a new MSD unit along with new spark plugs.

It now runs, but the cold start/choke needs attention as it’s been stood for so long.

We also had to do something about the original exhaust that was on it. It was cracked and blowing. So we removed the whole thing, from the headers back, and installed straight-through stainless, for now. (It’s very loud so will need silencers installing!)

Plenty of past bills, receipts and all relevant paperwork – including the original service book.

The car is currently displaying 46,000 miles, but we believe it to have had an odometer change in the past. Therefore mileage is approximately 90,000, taking into account the odometer change.

The bodywork isn’t the best. It does need attention. The bottom half of the doors, especially - as the paint has crazed there.

If you want the bodywork to be perfect, it’d need a re-spray. But if you’re looking at having a usable Ferrari you can drive and park anywhere? This would make an ideal winter project.

The interior is in very good order for its age, with high quality Claret carpets with champagne beige Connolly leather. It has extended black leather dashboard and console.

This is a Ferrari. 400’s have started to appreciate in value, and will continue to do so.
For someone with some time to spend on it, this Ferrari would be a very wise investment. Don’t waste time and money restoring lesser marques. – This is a V12 Ferrari.

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