November 13, 2014

1964 Porsche 356C Coupe Full Restoration

1964 Porsche 356C Coupe Full Restoration

Here's luxury sport car from Europe produced by Porsche. Early generation of 356 designed by the Austrian Porsche, and then start from 1950 all productions relocated to German. This a 356C built in 1964 comes with nimble-handling rear-engine rear-wheel-drive 2-door hardtop coupe. And the 356 is one of most cars contributing to innovation and technological progress in the world of motorsport, one example the modern F1 racing cars still use rear-engine rear-wheel-drive layout.

Detail about this Porsche
This 1964 356C Karmann Coupe is certified by Porsche Cars North America as authentic. Having the benefit of a recent full restoration, the paint, interior, engine, transmission, and chassis are all in impeccable condition. The fit and finish of the red leather interior compliments the exterior factory color of champagne yellow (but not original color). The paint is bright and even, showing zero dents or dings in the body of the car. The fenders and all major panels of the car are original. There is no bondo on this car. The largest negative feature of this 356 is the horn cover on the steering wheel, which has a minor crack in it. These are no longer available, unless one finds an original one to replace it.

Suspension/Brakes: All suspension components have been refurbished or replaced. All four shocks and brake calipers/pads/discs are new. The 356C was the first model porsche to come with 4 disc brakes as standard. The steering on this car is impeccable and light. The brakes are virtually new and feel strong.

Interior: All interior lights and switches work. Including blinkers, windshield wipers, and high beams. Original Blaupunkt radio is installed, though not currently hooked up. The interior leather is of the highest quality and sourced from a local porsche interior supplier. The fit and finish of the front and rear seats, door cards, and carpets are all neat and in fine order. Zero tears or stains. The interior of this car smells and looks new and fresh.

Exterior: All chrome on this car is perfect. There is ZERO rust or pitting on any of the bumpers or accents. Both doors, as well as the hood and trunk lid close securely, with even panel gaps. All four wheels have no curb rash and present really well.

Engine: Air-cooled 1600S flat 4, rebuilt from a 356B. The engine recently had a full servicing of all fluids, new spark plugs, and the carbs and valves finely tuned. The car starts briskly, even from a cold start, idles strongly, and pulls strongly through all of its four gears

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