November 20, 2014

Immaculate 1987 BMW 635csi

Immaculate 1987 BMW 635csi For Sale

The BMW E24 is indeed a classic grand tourer coupe, and the 633CSi model from 1987 is a part of the 6 Series lineup produced by Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). The E24 generation of the 6 Series was manufactured from 1976 to 1989 and is highly regarded for its elegant design and performance characteristics.

It's impressive to hear that the particular 633CSi you're referring to is an immaculate 27-year-old Arizona car. The dry climate in Arizona can be favorable for preserving the condition of vintage cars. Meticulous maintenance is crucial for the longevity and performance of classic vehicles, and it's great to know that this BMW has been well taken care of throughout its entire life.

It's not uncommon for older cars, especially those with a few decades under their belt, to develop some cracks or imperfections. As long as these issues are minor and don't significantly affect the structural integrity or safety of the vehicle, they are often considered normal wear and tear for a classic car. Regular inspections and addressing any potential concerns promptly can help keep the car in excellent condition.

Owning a classic BMW like the E24 633CSi can be a rewarding experience, and enthusiasts often appreciate the timeless design and driving dynamics of these vintage models. If you have any specific questions or if there's anything else you'd like to know about the BMW E24 or classic cars in general, feel free to ask!

Details about this BMW by owner
Immaculate 1987 BMW 635csi. This car has been meticulously maintained throughout its entire life and has spent the majority of if down here in Arizona. That means the car is 100% rust free. You would be hard pressed to find another example here in the valley in this condition as this car is sitting on only 104,000 miles. Currently it is in perfect operating condition with the exception of the A/C. The upper and lower A/C hoses were just replaced with genuine BMW parts at a reputable BMW shop where almost all of the other work on this car has been performed under my ownership. The compressor also has freon. The paint is bronzit beige but is in rather poor condition due to fading along the front right fender and sunroof. As visible in the pictures the trim is in excellent condition with the exception of one rear piece which is significantly faded. The car has seen two small fender benders that only bent up the rear bumper; but both were fixed 100% at BMW dealerships using new parts. Have maintenance records from the day it was purchased. The tires are in great shape with only 5000 miles at the most put on them.

List of parts replaced within the last year:

  • Radiator
  • Radiator hoses
  • Trunk shocks
  • Repaired Speedometer ( car has about 1500 miles more than the speedo reads)

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