December 14, 2014

1969 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Military Truck

1969 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Military Truck

Here we found a utility military truck made by Mercedes-Benz, this a Unimog built in 1969 ex Medical Vehicle Unit in Desert Storm War under Belgian Army. Unimog is a range of multi-purpose auto four-wheel drive medium trucks, designed with permanent all-wheel drive, with equal-size wheels, in order to be driven on roads at higher speeds. With their very high ground clearance and a flexible frame that is essentially a part of the suspension, Unimogs are not designed to carry as much load as regular trucks.

Due to their off-road capabilities, Unimogs can be found in jungles, mountains and deserts as military vehicles, fire fighters, expedition campers, and even in competitions like truck trials and Dakar Rally rally raids.

Unimogs are used in two kinds of competition: Dakar Rally and other desert rally competitions, and slow-moving Truck Trials over obstacles.

Unimogs have won the truck class of the Dakar several times in the 1980s, often by accident, as their main purpose is usually to provide support for cars and motorbikes. High-powered factory-sponsored entries of truck companies aiming for the overall win have since taken the laurels, with Unimogs used mainly for service purposes.
Source: wikipedia

Detail by owner
UNIMOG 1969 MILITARY. 6 speed, Has Crawler 1&2, 3-6 is for highway. THIS TRUCK WAS IN DESERT STORM UNDER THE BELGIANS. You can come drive this monster off road vehicle. No leaks, maintained with many new parts. Can drive into the mountains today. The belgians purchased vehicle and painted it orange from original camo. The color was picked as a neutral and friendly color as to not be a target and get shot at. Truly and awesome vehicle, it has been noticed greatly here in Naples and I am ready for the next unusual vehicle. All lettering originally on vehicle was retained except Pohl custom cabinets and logo. Has original paint. Nothing has been changed. You can still smell the medical gear and consumables used.

VEHICLE HAS THE FOLLOWING. New ignition system, coil, plugs, tune up, All new brakes and wheel cylinders, tested and adjusted, rebuilt carburator, all fuel tanks and lines/ switches have been cleaned and are like new. all chassis lubed. Does not leak anything. Original wax coating is still on under carrige as you can see the grey dirty looking stuff. All seals in good condition. Runs excellent. One wiper does not work, thats all. Emergency buzzers work in rear to cab, has all original stretchers and jump seat. Has all original stretcher carriers, that fold down in to military bench seats, military power plugs, dual batteries, 24 volt system, map light, all settings for night vision lighting, convoy lighting, hand throttle, All portable gas tanks, locks, original skeleton keys for box locks, snow chain boxes, storage boxes, heated battery boxes, front wheel indicator, flashing blue light, sirens and horn work, Fully enclosed suspension, All planetary gear boxes, I have all side curtains for front doors, Side ladder for access, 2 rear pull out ladders, new leather top hold downs, Side curtains have had new iven glass put in them professionally. This truck is a gas engine. The old diesels were bad and I would not recommend getting one for this. Will crawl up most anything, original rear matt, original wood planking, original tires, all suspension very tight, like new. upper heater box, lower heater box, sirens, spot lights, all military lights and settings, convoy lights, military hitches and electrical conections, new ignition, coil, plugs, cap rotor, This vehicle is made to go to the end of the earth.

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