December 31, 2014

Very Original Mustang Mach 1

Very Original Mustang Mach 1

Here's the first generation of Mach 1 known as performance-oriented option package of the Mustang, built in 1970 comes in Wimbledon White color. This a very original mustang, unrestored, running and driving car. Awesome object for your restoration project.

Detail by owner
1970 Ford Mustang MACH 1
Real Deal '05' Code MACH 1
Very Original Car
Factory Wimbledon White
Factory Blue Deluxe Interior
Factory Power Front Disc Brakes
Factory Power Steering

Talk about an opportunity! This is a running & driving '70 Mach 1 that is all there for under $20k! There is the obvious 'Patina' but the car looks genuine. The ultra-cool finned aluminum moldings are all there, Mach 1 hoodscoop with functioning turn signals, 'Honeycomb' tail light panel and the Sport Lamps even still work!

Stucturally wise, the car is still very solid. There is of course some work to do on the body, but in this price range it is very minimal. The frame rails, torque boxes, rockers, aprons are all in good condition. There is some rust in the lower rear quarters at the very lower corner of the wheel lip that would require minimal metal replacement.

Under the hood this Mach still looks quite stock. With the rare & 70 351C only air cleaner snorkel, block & dripper valve covers still in place the hard to find parts are there. Thankfully the 351 Cleveland 2V engine has been upgraded with an aluminum intake manifold and a bit larger camshaft. There is a nice lope to the idle and the engine makes plenty of power. Wheel Spin is just a tickle on the gas pedal away. It is like high school all over again. You know you are not supposed to, but what the heck, it's there and you can.

The automatic trans goes into gear quickly and eagerly shifts down when asked to. Gear changes happen just like they should and the only slipping is the tires on the pavement.

With factory Power Front Disc Brakes, stopping this pony is no issue. Pedal pressure is minimal and it stops straight & true.

Being a factory Mach 1, it has the competition suspension option. This consists of heavy duty springs, larger front sway bar and a factory rear sway bar. Clearly one of the best handling Mustangs made, the 70 Mach 1's are an inspiring car to drive near the limit. They were the first and lightest of the early Mustangs to wear a factory rear sway bar. They grip incredibly well with nice flat cornering yet ride very comfortably.

Please be aware, this is a running/drivable project car. It is priced accordingly. Drive it while you restore it! You may be surprised how many people will compliment the original patina.

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