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Surf Wagon, 1961 Rambler Cross Country Classic

Surf Wagon, 1961 Rambler Cross Country Classic

The coolest car comes in Pinky patina. It's a surf wagon for the owner, the first generation of Rambler Cross Country Classic built in 1961 comes in 4-door station wagon with original paint and interior. Awesome old car unrestored, still runs and drive very well.

Detail by owner
I would like you to meet "Pinky". She's a 1961 Rambler Cross Country Classic Wagon. She is wearing her original paint and interior. She has some warts and scars, but they only ad to her personality and character. The body is pretty straight. The bumpers and grill are in great shape. Most of the chrome is in good shape. There are "p's" on the hub caps for her name. Mexican blankets cover the seats. The seats are tore,except the back of back seat. She has her original six, engine and manual, three on tree trans with overdrive. She runs excellent. She handles very well. She is quite the car. Before her, I had a '69 Chevelle SS 396 clone. Beautiful red paint with white SS stripes. Would I get noticed in it,sometimes. But with "Pinky" people are waving, giving thumbs up, yelling and whooping out there car windows. Men, women, kids, they all love her. She puts a smile on everyone's face. The price to pry "Pinky" from my hands is $9,500. That's a lot of money, but this is not a car to restore. It is a car to drive and enjoy as is. You may want to restore the interior or even put some color on the primer areas, but everything else just ads to her attraction. { I almost forgot. What drew me into her was her crazy drop down roof. That ,and she sits so low. She has been lowered. Look at the pics and see all the amazing things that were done from the factory. The stainless, the chrome, the body lines, the door handles. And the little touches previous owners made. The AAA sticker, the wind deflectors, the compass.}

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