February 6, 2015

American Pony Car, 1971 Dodge Challenger

American Pony Car, 1971 Dodge Challenger

Here's American pony car offered by Dodge was intended to compete with the Mustang and Camaro. Same like the Barracuda based, it's first generation of Challenger production in 1969-1974 was based on the Chrysler E-body cars, but little bit more bigger. As the picture is one of total 165,437 Challengers were sold, built in 1971 had fully restored and upgrade.

Detail by owner
1971 Dodge Challenger with a built 440. Car originally from New Mexico so no rust or water damage. Original paint was rough so had the car repainted (same color). Vehicle is super clean. Not really meant for cruising around as it has no power steering and only a 10 gal gas tank.

  • 440 motor that's been built.
  • Automatic 3 speed (no overdrive)
  • New valves
  • New rods
  • New springs
  • 4 pistons replaced and others were cleaned and redone.
  • Trans was flushed out and gone through.
  • All gaskets and seals replaced.
  • Brakes
  • New radiator
  • New fans
  • New water pump
  • New 10 gal gas tank (original gas tank was 5 gallons ha!)
  • New fuel pump
  • Pro race jets
  • New oil pump
  • Spark plugs
  • Plug wires
  • New hoses
  • New OPTIMA battery (yellow top)
  • New pulleys
  • New alternator
  • Replaced shift cable and re did trans line
  • New radio with aux and USB input
  • Stage 3 Racing Cams
  • Racing Pistons
  • Body and paint straight
  • No rust, no accidents.
  • LOUD!
  • and more...

These are becoming very rare and VERY difficult to find in decent condition.

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